2020 is almost over and, if you’re anything like most, I bet you can’t wait to give it the flick and get on with starting afresh, maybe even get back to some kind of normal.

But what if there is no going back?

If you find yourself exhausted from having barely survived 2020, I wanted to share with you the BIG PICTURE VIEW to give you some insight as to why this year’s been such a doozy and better yet, what you might expect moving forward so hopefully you can thrive rather then survive in 2021.

Plus, at the end of this email I’ll touch on a super exciting collaboration that Ron and I have put together as a direct result of seeing people struggle throughout 2020 and feeling called to join forces to make a difference.

Together we’ve created an offering that’s all about waking up to your power as the conscious creator of your reality, supporting REAL personal transformation so you no longer feel a victim in any area of your life that feels out of your control or not how you want it to be.

But first, lets get back to the big picture view of 2020 and by big picture I’m talking COSMOS.

So, whether you’ve been aware of it or not, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented planetary craziness with truly rare stuff happening up there in the heavens and coinciding with equal planetary craziness down here on earth. But, crucially, these powerful cosmic shifts have all led to one thing – and this is a drum roll moment – the end of the 2000-year Piscean era and the birth of the Age of Aquarius.

Yay! Ta da! Those sixties hippies were the trailer to the movie that just got started with the recent Great Conjunction occurring at the Solstice. In case you missed it, this is a rare event where Jupiter and Saturn come so close together they appear to be one giant star in the heavens, believed to be the same planetary alignment as the Christmas Star or Star of Bethlehem.

With that occurring at 0 degrees Aquarius, as of the 21st December 2020 humanity officially entered the GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS and the next 2000-year cycle. 


What this means is if you’ve been waiting for things to get back to ‘normal’ you risk missing the golden opportunity that awaits, for what used to work in the Piscean Age (pre-2020) is no longer going to serve you moving forward in the Age of Aquarius. The old ways of being, thinking, acting and responding to life are going to get less and less comfortable because these vibrational frequencies are no longer supported by the Cosmos.

This is why 2020 has been associated with so much death, destruction and loss because the old must be shed to make way for the new. This is Wisdom, the face of the Mysterious Feminine and within her great cycle of life every birth is also an ending.

Now when birth happens on a cosmic scale these endings can feel cataclysmic. Hello 2020. Ultimately, Western humanity fears what it can’t control and this fear is a lot of what’s been driving the external craziness of 2020 and – heads up – will continue to do so over the next few years as more of the old structures are dismantled that are no longer sustainable under the new vibrational frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

But of course, you don’t have to fear because you can see the big picture view and that gives you choice. And choice is your power.

So, you can try and hold on to the old, resist change and stay fighting the momentum of the Cosmos doing things the way you’ve always done them, stuck in old habits and patterns of thoughts and behavior that feel safe because they’re familiar but really aren’t helping you get anywhere,


You can change.

You can grow.

You can jump on the cosmic bandwagon and let the powerful momentum of this time carry you to your unfulfilled potential, letting this be YOUR opportunity for profound personal transformation and release everything that’s been holding you back so that you finally get to live the life of your dreams.

This is what’s on offer. All that Aquarius asks of you is to expand your consciousness to new levels of awareness and possibility for yourself and humanity.

And this is where Ron and I can help. 

Through a collaboration of Ron’s training in Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis and my training in Esoteric Acupuncture, Spiritual Midwifery, Sacred Female Yoga and vibrational healing technologies such as sound healing, chakra alignment, essences, crystal grids and anointing oils together we create a potent alchemical container to hold space for your personal transformation.

Whilst I might talk about this container as specific to aligning with the frequencies of the New Age of Aquarius, Ron would say something far more practical like it’s about clearing unconscious beliefs that aren’t working for you in order to live your best life.

Either way, what I want you to know is what you’ve been waiting for is no longer some unobtainable dream in the far off future. It’s here NOW ready to flower open.

Best of all, it can be easy.

All you need do is step into the space and be willing to let go in order to receive. So, what’s holding you back?

Want to know more?

I’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks to help you get a clearer sense how this kind of work might provide solutions some of the specific issues you might have, but if you already know you’d like to be held in powerful container for transformation just reply to this email. You’ll also be first to be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the stellar special introductory rate.

Until next time, wishing you a very Happy New Year.



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