Did you know there are three special times in a woman’s life that Chinese Medicine refers to as the 3 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES?

I LOVE the language of Chinese Medicine with it’s rich heritage in Taoist Inner Alchemy. It’s so beautiful because it’s a way of speaking about your body that builds a bridge between the physical and spiritual.

It’s a language that serves to help you REMEMBER yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience, and then offers keys to unlocking the secrets of living your most radiant and fulfilled life.

How powerful is that for a model of health care?!

These keys are scattered everywhere throughout the poetry of Chinese Medicine language but – as is the way of spiritual wisdom – the key won’t open the lock until you’re ready to receive. The conditions must be right.

Then when those doors open it’s a moment of profound transformation, an AHA! moment when ever-so-briefly the veil parts and just for that moment you glimpse something that changes you in a way that is profoundly healing, bringing you closer to the essential truth of your own divinity.

This moment of transformation is the GOLD of Taoist Inner Alchemy.




So how is this relevant to you?

Well, according to the poetry of Chinese Medicine there are ‘3 Golden Opportunities’ in a woman’s life: MENSTRUATION, POSTPARTUM & MENOPAUSE.

These life phases are considered GOLDEN because each marks the beginning of a new cycle and the potential to seed an overall improvement in your health and wellbeing moving forward if approached correctly.

In other words these life phases represent LIFE GATEWAYS and the gold you receive is an UPGRADE to your physical and spiritual wellbeing as you enter the next life cycle.

Now, on the other hand – and this is so relevant for modern women – each of these life phases have the potential to diminish your overall health and wellbeing when not approached correctly.

I’m going to put it to you that the vast majority of modern women are NOT receiving the gold that’s theirs to receive during menstruation, postpartum and menopause.

In fact, the vast majority of women experience these three pivotal life phases that are uniquely feminine as points of pain (lead), not power (gold).

After all, how often have you heard menstruation, postpartum or menopause discussed as an opportunity to enhance your state of being?




So why is that and how do you receive YOUR gold?

Well, Aha! What I’ve come to realise and what I’d love to share with you today is that each of these 3 Golden Opportunities correspond to the absolute YIN PHASE of a life cycle. Yin of yin.

To receive the GOLDEN ELIXIR OF FEMININE VITALITY is all about following the yin.

In other words, consciously utilising these LIFE GATEWAYS as opportunities to deeply cultivate your connection with YIN whilst the universal energies are most conducive to yin processes.

That means holding yin as sacred, valuing the gifts of yin.

Yin’s gifts are found in the slowing down and the retreat, in the silence and reflection, in the dark places and the Mystery, in the depth of your body and in your womb, in the Blood and the Essence and in the absolute stillness…the YIN of YIN.

It’s in these moments of stillness, inner reflection and quiet you enter the receptive mode. The conditions are right, the key opens the gate. Yin offers up her nectar, you receive what is rightfully yours, the sweet, honey dew of your Essence.

Physically, this means deep cellular renewal and rejuvenation.

Spiritually, this means alignment and enlightenment.

This is why the ancients referred to yin as the Golden Elixir of Life and pathway to immortality. Sure, you may not reach immortality but radiance, vitality and fulfilment of destiny are nice side effects along the path!


And here’s one more point to ponder…

Each of the 3 Golden Opportunities – menstruation, postpartum & menopause – are unique because these are the only times when the gateway to the womb is naturally open.

And if there’s one thing that epitomises the very essence of the mysteries of yin and the power of the feminine, it would be the WOMB!

So, can you join the dots? Are keys being revealed to you?

What would our world look like if every woman CLAIMED YIN as SACRED and utilised these 3 Golden Opportunities as a time to dive deep into the well of yin’s embrace and received her gold?

In such a world, would hysterectomy and caesarean remain the most commonly performed surgery as they are today?

A conversation for another day…x Peta

follow the yin

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