Premium Placenta Encapsulation

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Premium Placenta Encapsulation + Placenta Tincture

Plus BONUS Mother Warming Kit & Postpartum Soup Stock Herbs:

  • Mother Warming Kit includes moxibustion stick and easy to follow instruction booklet and postpartum recipes.
  • Postpartum Soup Stock Herbs traditionally used to make a restorative postnatal broth when combined with whole chicken and fresh ginger. Contains herbs to Nourish Yin & Blood. Yu Zhu Polyganati oderati, Dang Shen Radix codonopsis, Shan Yao Dioscoria oppositiae, Dang Gui Angelica sinensis, Gou Qi Zi Fructus Lycii, Lian Zi Semen nelumbinis

Plus BONUS Postpartum Healing Kit:

  • Kuan Yin Blend Womb Steaming Herbs
  • Mother's Milk Herbal Tea for baby's tummy
  • Bountiful Breastfeeding Tea for soothing nervous tension
  • Mama's Mood Uplift Herbal Tea
  • Nurturing Embrace Bath Salts
  • Sweet Dreams Baby Bath Tea Bags
  • 2 doz Gluten Free Lactation Cookies
  • PLUS Placenta Capsules + Tincture
Premium Placenta Encapsulation includes placenta pick up and delivery of capsules within the Greater Bendigo region.
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