You are not alone.

In Chinese Medicine the Shen, corresponding to the Heart, is the divine spark of your spirit – the starlight from which you came. When you look into someone’s eyes, what you see is the starlight of their Shen reflected back at you.

When a baby first arrives earth side, the loving gaze of their mother’s eyes meeting their eyes calls the baby’s spirit to take up residence in their physical body, to feel loved and witnessed and safe to be here.

Because the Shen are the lightest, most ephemeral part of the psyche, they’re said to be easily startled, flying back to the stars if they don’t feel safe. This is part of the survival response to trauma in order to cope with or survive situations that are too shocking or overwhelming at the time. However, the Shen are the flame at the centre of the Heart. If the Shen leave the body, there’s no-one at the helm helping connect and make sense of it all.

This corresponds to common everyday psychological states such as dissociation, feeling disconnected and lack of connection to self and others, memory distortion, being easily triggered and emotional reactive, as well as sleep disturbances.

When someone experiences trauma, the most important first aid you can offer is to make eye contact and talk reassuringly to their Shen to help encourage their spirit to come home to the body.

When people talk of trauma it’s common to think of the big things such as serious accidents, death of a loved one, family breakdowns, violence or abuse.

But trauma can be any situation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and alone. It doesn’t have to involve actual physical harm, it’s also the emotional experience of the event.

From this perspective, the current culture of segregation may be perceived as trauma to the Shen. To be faced with discrimination, division and other control measures goes against the Heart and the core of our humanity. The flame the resides at the centre of your Heart seeks connection, much like the way people come together around a campfire. The Heart is strengthened through connections to others, strengthening the field of love which is the glue that holds it all together. Without love, the Shen fly home to the stars and eventually the flame of the will to live dies out.

The reason I share this is because in the past week, coinciding with the recent Lunar Eclipse, I’ve felt such a dark level of hopelessness and despair within the collective. Because Chinese Medicine is a holistic modality, I understand that no-one exists in isolation. What happens to one is happening to all, whether people are conscious of it or not. That means when I feel something what I’m also tapping into is something being experienced within the whole.

What I’ve felt was the sense of not wanting to be here, as if there’s no place for me here and a deep longing to leave this earth and return home. I recognise this as the Shen wanting to fly home to the stars because the current trauma of experiencing this level of segregation within my society leaves me feeling too overwhelmed and alone. This is trauma.

I’m not saying this to raise concern for my wellbeing. I’m an adult with years of experience to know how to support myself through crisis. I’m ok.

I’m saying this because we simply must take a stand and say THIS IS NOT OK, especially when it comes to our children and teenagers. They are the vulnerable who do not have the skills or life resources to cope with this trauma.

I know it’s more comfortable to keep scrolling or say this doesn’t apply to me or there’s nothing I can do, but this is all part of the dissociation that’s part of the mechanism of self-protection. The trauma of segregation applies to all, vaxxed or unvaxxed, black or white, right or left for the Heart does not separate. These are just labels used to create division, an ‘us versus them’ mentality that is the basis of all war. 

We can do better. 

What I’m hoping is to make a plea to remember your Heart and your humanity. I’m hoping to raise awareness THIS IS WRONG. Whatever you’ve been led to believe that this segregation is to keep you safe and for your health, I say to you there’s a far greater threat in continuing this path.

The simplest and most powerful thing you can do today is take a moment to consider your fellow humans from the perspective of your Heart. It’s said, ‘only the eyes of the heart can see the Shen’.

All it takes is a moment of caring, a meeting of eyes and a true seeing, or an acknowledgement from your heart to another that reminds the spirit, you’re not alone and there’s a place for you here, to keep the flame at the heart alive.  It’s time to encourage the Shen to come home and know it’s safe to be here in this world. Its time to begin the process of healing and moving forward in our humanity’s evolution.

There is love here.




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