Let’s talk PELVIC FLOOR!

I know, boring right?

But did you know that exercises that specifically target your pelvic floor also activates the parts of a woman’s brain that boosts your SELF CONFIDENCE, CREATIVITY, ASSERTIVENESS, and FEEL-GOOD HORMONES?

If you think pelvic floor exercises are limited to boring Kegels, I’m here to show you different!

This 5-week beginner course will change the way you feel about your pelvic floor.

You’ll learn juicy tidbits that will have you realising why prioritising this part of your body shouldn’t be a chore but something to look forward to, because afterward you feel more relaxed, energised and connected to your self.
An estimated 60% of Australian women experience some form of pelvic floor issue, and it sucks that Western culture fails to recognises the vital role these muscles play. Instead, it’s normalised that women should expect issues like bladder leakage or prolapse or sexual pain as part of being a woman – especially after giving birth. 

And if you’ve experienced pelvic floor issues, you’ll probably agree how little support there is out there for healing. Even most yoga and pilates classes, which have so much to offer for core strength, rarely include modifications specific to supporting and addressing the unique design of the female pelvic floor.

Yet in Taoist practices this group of muscles is known as the ‘seat of your power’, source of your vitality and life force, and intimately connected to your creativity, confidence and personal power.

Your pelvic floor represents your foundation – holding everything in place. This isn’t just about having a physical sense of inner stability and strength, but also knowing who you are, feeling safe & supported by life, and the ability to set healthy boundaries.

Yep, your pelvic floor is well worth your attention! 


This beginners pelvic floor course will show you how to:

  • Feel more connected to yourself and at home in your body.
  • Gently release old trauma and heal your pelvic story.
  • Strengthen and tone your pelvic floor so you can sneeze, laugh or play sport with confidence.
  • Release tension in your pelvic floor so you can relax and enjoy more sexual pleasure, without pain or discomfort.
  • You’ll also receive simple guided audio or video demonstration of the practices so you can continue at home.

Babes in arms welcome (ie. if you can place your baby on the mat next to you and they can’t roll or crawl away they’re good to go).


When: Fridays 5:30pm – 6:45pm over 5 weeks.

Where: Barre Society Movement Studio, 281a Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

What to wear: Loose comfy clothing that allows freedom of movement for the embodied movement part of the retreat.

What to bring:

  • Bring your own water bottle & a pair of grippy socks.
  • Yoga mats and bolsters provided but the following (optional) items may be good to enhance your comfort – favourite pillow/s or whatever you need to sit comfortably on the floor, sarong or shawl to cover you during meditation, eye pillow.
  • No special yoga skills required, only a spirit of curiosity.
  • You’ll receive access to RESTORE’s online portal with guided audio & video demonstrations for home practice.

Investment: TBC


Hi, I’m Peta. I’m a Women’s Wellness Specialist qualified in Chinese Medicine and passionate advocate for women’s bodies and women’s wisdom. For over 25 years I’ve dived deep into studies in Eastern Wisdom, Women’s Mysteries, Inner Alchemy, Spiritual Midwifery, Ecstatic Birth, Birth Mindset Mentoring (hypnosis), Doula. This has led me to a path of EMBODIMENT – healing the disconnect between Mind & Body in order to experience more aliveness.

I’m an Empress Yoga teacher with many years personal Female Taoist Jade Egg practice and love sharing embodiment practices that reconnect women to their body wisdom and female creative power. I run a 6-month mentoring program Empress Secrets & Art of Embodied Womanly Leadership for women who desire a life that feels good in a woman’s body, giving yourself permission to break free of patriarchal programming that only leads to burn out. There is another way! Empress Secrets shows you how to celebrate being a woman, and how to flow with your hormones and cyclical nature for enhanced body love & self confidence, inner alignment, vitality, creative expression and radiance.