What do you know about the benefits of

Placenta Encapsulation?

Whilst to many people the idea of consuming placenta may bring to mind hippy notions of placenta burgers or smoothies – and leave you feeling a bit squeamish – Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of using placenta in its prepared form as the herb, Zhi He Che, to strongly replenish exhausted energy reserves.

And if there is one time in life your energy reserves are exhausted it’s after giving birth to your baby. 

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have long advised nursing mothers to boil their placenta and drink the broth as a soup to improve milk quality and supply. 

In the prepared form, Zi He Chi is considered a warming, nourishing herb that replenishes the Kidney (adrenals) and builds Qi (energy) and Blood. For women who have experienced high blood pressure, edema (fluid retention) and protein in urine during pregnancy, ingesting placenta may heal and soothe the kidneys to help resolve these symptoms more quickly.

From a Western Medicine perspective, placenta is also held in high regard and may provide many benefits to aid post partum recovery.

Given the unique benefits of placenta, it makes sense that Nature has provided this incredible organ to assist women to recover from the extraordinary act of giving birth.