What do you know about the benefits of

Placenta Encapsulation?

Give your energy a boost, benefit your milk supply & help prevent postnatal depression

A mother’s placenta is exactly formulated to give optimal benefits for postpartum recovery, yet to some people the idea of consuming placenta may be a little confronting and the thought of placenta smoothies or burgers could leave you feeling a bit squeamish.

However, Chinese Medicine has a long history of using placenta in the prepared form as the medicinal herb Zi He Che to strongly replenish exhausted energy reserves.

And if there’s one time in life your energy reserves are exhausted it’s after you birth your baby. 

Placenta Encapsulation is a service that prepares your placenta using Chinese Medicine methods into capsule and/or tincture form so that you can enjoy the benefits of ingesting this powerful nourishment without the squeamishness.

In the prepared form Zi He Chi placenta is considered a warming, nourishing herb that replenishes the Kidney- adrenals and builds Qi (energy), Blood & Essence, and benefits lactation. 

From a modern Western Medicine perspective, placenta is known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and protein with scientific evidence that placenta may provide many benefits to aid postnatal recovery.

  • May prevent postnatal depression because placenta is rich in hormones that can help stabilise your own hormones

  • Contains prolactin so may improve breast milk quality and supply

  • Contains Hemoglobin so could replenish Iron lost from blood loss during birth and help prevent postnatal anaemia

  • Contains Urokinase and may reduce bleeding times and infection and help act as a natural medicine for post partum pain

  • May provide an ongoing source of Oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone, helping to aid mood stabilization

  • May replenish your B Vitamins and energy levels

  • Helps tonify the Qi & Blood and may prevent fatigue & scanty lactation (TCM)

  • Nourishes Blood & Essence and could benefit fertility (TCM)

Given the unique benefits of placenta it makes sense that Nature has provided this incredible organ to assist women to recover from the extraordinary act of giving birth.





Plus BONUS Mother Warming Kit


  • MOTHER WARMING KIT –  Traditionally applied Day 4-5 after birth to warm and replenish Qi & Blood. Includes Mother Warming Handbook and moxibustion stick with easy to follow photo instructions.
  • POSTPARTUM SOUP STOCK HERBS – Postpartum recipes to complement the Mother Warming technique. Traditionally prepared with a whole chicken and lots of ginger from the first week after birth to deeply replenish energy lost during the birth process. Vegan option available.
Includes pickup and delivery in the Bendigo region
Order online for bookings up to June 2023.
If you’re booking at short notice or you prefer to touch base, please use the contact form below.




Plus BONUS Postnatal Wellbeing Kit


  • The Postnatal Wellbeing Blueprint ‘GOLDEN MONTH’ booklet
  • MOTHER WARMING KIT with moxibustion stick, instruction booklet & postpartum recipes – an easy self help technique used from day three postnatal using warmth to help nourish the body and build Qi & Blood. Very relaxing.
  • POSTPARTUM SOUP STOCK HERBS – traditionally prepared with a whole chicken and lots of ginger from the first week after birth to assist replenishing energy lost during the birth process. Tastes so good.
  • MOTHER’S MILK HERBAL TEA – for baby’s tummy
  • BOUNTIFUL BREASTS HERBAL TEA – for soothing nervous tension
  • SWEET DREAMS BABY BATH TEA BAGS – gentle enough to add to newborn bath to help promote calm and soothe skin disorders. 
  • 2 doz CHOC CHIP LACTATION COOKIES (GF, DF, vegan option available)

Plus, of course, all the goodness of the Placenta Capsules AND the Placenta Tincture. What a gift for a new Mama!

Includes pickup and delivery in the Bendigo region
Order online for bookings up to June 2023.
If you’re booking at short notice or you prefer to touch base, please use the contact form below.

I was gifted Placenta Encapsulation from my partner. I had always wanted to do something special with my placenta and to use it as a natural healing medicine. The capsules were extremely nourishing and beneficial to myself and my newborn baby in the first month postpartum, and I know the benefits will last long after. The package included a gorgeous Mother Blessing tool kit and wholesome chicken broth. I have cherished this gift and really admire how Peta takes the time to make sure all her offerings and medicines are crafted with deep sacred love. Thank you Peta for honouring  my journey and all women into Motherhood, postpartum and beyond with your tender care, empowering wisdom and love for what you do. With warmth – Sarah

If you’re in the Central Victoria region Placenta Encapsulation is a service that prepares your placenta using Chinese Medicine methods into capsule and/or tincture form so that you can enjoy the benefits of ingesting this powerful nourishment without the squeamishness.

Your placenta will be picked up within hours of birth if fresh, or within 24 hours if refrigerated.

The capsules will be delivered within three days of receiving the placenta and the tincture will be posted back within 6-8 weeks.

According to Chinese Medicine this is sacred medicine, full of life force, and your placenta will always be handled with reverence.

If you’re having a hospital birth, ensure the hospital is aware you want to keep the placenta (don’t worry, it’s a pretty normal request these days). And whilst you are having the placenta conversation, consider choosing a natural third stage and requesting the delayed clamping and cutting of your baby’s umbilical cord so that your baby may receive the full benefits of this placental blood. 

Good to know…

When you choose to entrust your placenta with me you have the reassurance of knowing that your placenta will be prepared authentically by a fully qualified CHINESE HERBALIST.

You have the protection and expertise of a health professional specifically trained in the dispensing of prepared placenta according to a style of traditional medicine over 2500 years old. 


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How many capsules can I expect?

An average placenta will yield between 120 – 150 capsules. If your placenta looks like yielding less then 80 capsules I automatically upgrade your service to include a Placenta Tincture so you get maximum value out of your placenta. 

How long will my capsules last?

All women are unique and respond to placenta capsules in different ways. Your placenta is individual medicine made by your body and so the dosage and how your body responds is best followed taking an individual approach. As a general guideline you start by taking 2 capsules twice daily for the first two weeks and then once daily after that. The feedback I get is that as new mothers start to notice how their body responds to their placenta capsules, they learn to listen to their body’s queues and take as required, gradually saving the capsules for those days when they need an extra boost.

Your placenta capsules are made from dehydrated powdered placenta and have a shelf life of 12 months if kept dry and stored in an airtight container. If you plan to keep your capsules longer then 12 months you should transfer to a zip lock freezer bag and store in the freezer.

How are my capsules prepare? Is it safe?

Your placenta will be prepared according to the Chinese Medicine method. This involves lightly steaming your placenta with herbs to change the energetic property to enhance the warming and nourishing effect.  This is in keeping with Chinese Medicine therapeutic principles for postpartum recovery where new mothers are considered ‘empty’ and ‘vulnerable’ after giving birth and warmth and nourishment are needed to support your healing at this time.

More importantly, this method offers the highest standard of ensuring food safety. Your placenta is washed, soaked in wine and pickled in vinegar before being lightly steamed with herbs, thinly sliced and dehydrated at low temperature to ensure nutrient retention. Each of these steps reduces the possibility of risk of contamination to the absolute minimum whilst also preserving therapeutic properties.

I do not use the Raw Method of placenta encapsulation because of the risk. If you’d like to use raw placenta my advice would be to consume fresh. The easiest way to do this is placenta smoothies. Remove cord and membranes (you need a super sharp knife) and divide placenta meat into 6-8 portions. Separate each portion into individual zip-lock bags and transfer immediately to freezer. Then make a smoothie using 1 portion of the frozen placenta meat adding lots of berries and milk of your choice. This might sound hard core but if you’ve just given birth you’ll love it.

Is it still ok to encapsulate my placenta if I’ve had medications during birth?

Yes. It’s still ok to encapsulate your placenta if you’ve received medications during labor or birth, including pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics and anaesthesia. 

When is it not ok to encapsulate my placenta?

The are 3 main main reasons why it would not be ok to encapsulate your placenta:

  1. If it hasn’t been stored properly after birth
  2. You’ve had a uterine infection
  3. Your placenta goes to pathology and the entire placenta is treated with chemicals

Your placenta needs to be stored in the fridge like any fresh meat product and if refrigerated will keep well for up to 3 days (or will store in the freezer for 3-6 months). If your placenta has been left out of the fridge and in an overly warm room it may no longer be suitable for encapsulation. If you’re planning a lotus birth (leaving the umbilical cord uncut until it falls away) I don’t recommend planning to encapsulate your placenta – it doesn’t keep well at room temperature.

If you’ve had a uterine infection your placenta will be unsuitable for consumption. If after birth an infection is suspected, your placenta can be stored in the freezer until the pathology results are known. You can then decide whether to go ahead with having your placenta encapsulated depending on the lab results.

If your placenta needs to go to pathology for any reason, request that the hospital take only a small sample for the lab.  Let them know it’s your wish to keep your placenta. You need to be very clear in letting the hospital know your intention is to ingest the placenta and ensure that pathology does not destroy the whole placenta – only a small section should be required for hospital purpose. Unfortunately, the chemicals used in the pathology process mean a placenta is no longer suitable for consumption.

What happens if my placenta can’t be encapsulated?

This doesn’t happen very often but there are occasions where it may be no longer appropriate to encapsulate your placenta. If so, you’ll be offered a full refund minus $75 booking fee OR you have the option of using it as credit toward Women’s Wellness (Postnatal) consultation and/or herbal medicines to support your postpartum recovery.