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I wanted to send out this email as it’s been a busy start to the year and I may not have had the opportunity yet to contact you personally if you responded to my last email and/or are wondering what I’m up to.

So, if you’ve emailed me and are waiting for a reply please know I haven’t forgotten you! Thanks so much for your patience and I will get to you. 

The first important info is that I’ve decided not to return to Bendigo Chinese Medicine in 2021 and will now be offering limited consultations from my home address in Mandurang.

Yep, I’m going to deeply miss the friendships and professional support from the awesome team at Bendigo Chinese Medicine, but 2020 made it clear its time to do things different moving forward and spread my wings and (dragon)fly. Like I said in my last email, Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, if you want to get onboard the energies of the cosmos right now it’s all about embracing change.

Anyhow, this means I’m a little behind as it’s just me doing the admin stuff whilst all this change and creative chaos unfolds. Problem is I can be a perfectionist and that often gets in the way of actually getting things done.

If you know YOU have a perfectionist streak you may want to read on. I’m going to share how perfectionism can not only hold you back, but is often also an underlying cause of physical pain and blockage in your body.


It’s better to be done then perfect

Do you worry about not being good enough or what other people may think of you?Perfectionism is a mask my Ego wears to hide insecurity. Am I good enough? What will others think of me? What if I make a mistake? And so, rather then letting myself be seen in my humanity and risk being judged, everything has to be perfect.

In the past I’ve been a bed-made-to-perfection colour-inside-the-lines kind of person. In the past perfectionism has held me back from fulfilling my potential. If it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t done.

You probably don’t know this about me because I hide it well. That’s the point. The real me who is vulnerable and imperfect, hides beneath the mask.

I’m sharing this because it’s not just me who wears the mask of perfection. You may identify. Perfectionism is a super common form of self protection, especially in women – great in theory but in practice can lead to feelings of isolation and separation because no-one ever gets to see the real you, and can lead to crippling procrastination and self sabotage.

The underlying wound behind the mask of perfection is fear of not being loved if you reveal your authentic self, with all your imperfections and vulnerabilities. In other words, if you let yourself be seen for who you fully are, warts and all, you’ll somehow be rejected from Love. So you learn to hide your perceived shortcomings behind the mask and only let the world see those aspects of yourself that are ‘perfect’.

But to be human is to be WHOLE.

So if you’re trying to be perfect all you’re actually doing is using an enormous amount of your life-force energy holding yourself back. Not only is this exhausting, its a form of constraint that creates pressure in your system leading to all sorts of problems.

In clinic what this commonly looks like is:

Headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ issues, teeth grinding, breast tenderness, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, pre-menstrual tension, period pain, menstrual irregularity, fertility issues, digestive problems, abdominal pain and bloating, gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

Any of this sound familiar?

So what can you do about it?

Well, a good place to start is to give yourself full permission to be perfectly imperfect. 

The truth is you’re a divinely human marriage of darkness (yin) and light (yang) that makes up the whole. What’s more, it’s all (w)holy and worthy of Love, not just the light but also the dark. That’s a challenging concept for those of us who’ve grown up within the culture of Western and Christian consciousness that separates the world into good and evil.

Yet, from a (w)holistic health perspective, it’s those aspects of self that you’ve most learnt to hide that actually hold your greatest potential for healing. This is because if you’re not consciously allowing the expression of this energy in ways that are constructive, it inverts and acts out in your external world  in ways that are destructive.

This is a bit like a 3-year old wanting to get your attention, the more you ignore these rejected aspects of self the louder they get. The thing is they’re not acting out to make life harder for you but to offer you a pathway to healing by learning how to love ALL OF YOU back to wholeness.

Over the past year we’ve got use to wearing a physical mask in public but truth is we’ve been long conditioned to putting on an invisible mask every time we go out into the world or interact with other people.

It’s likely you’ve compared yourself to others before and and thought there has to be something wrong with you because everyone else looks so perfect compared to you.

But it’s not real. All you’re seeing is the mask. Underneath, I assure you is all the same shadowy stuff that you’ve got going on too.


I love my shadow as I love my light

I share all this with you to give you a sense of how true healing requires a holistic approach: Mind, Body & Spirit.I believe the most powerful level of healing happens through a shift in consciousness. It’s these Aha! moments of profound awakening that act as the catalyst for change and transformation, like a key unlocking a door.

This is where Ron and I can help.

Through a collaboration of Ron’s training in Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis and my training in Esoteric Acupuncture, Spiritual Midwifery, Sacred Female Yoga (Embodiment) and vibrational healing technologies such as sound healing, chakra alignment, essences, crystal grids and anointing oils together we’ve come up with an offering to encompass a whole Mind, Body & Spirit approach.

What I love about this is you truly get to see how you are the creator of your reality, and if you want to change your reality it’s up to YOU to change. That’s powerful!

Want to know more?

Just reply to this email and I’ll be in touch with more details about this new offering for personal transformation and healing.


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