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Brain fog?

Hard to think straight? Too much going on?

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, part of the stress response is to send all your resources to your head to give you the ability to problem solve and plan for survival. However the excess stress of modern living can keep you stuck in a state of hyper-vigilance unable to switch off.

Add to this a culture where it’s normal to spend most of the day ‘in you head’ – using computers, smart phones and watching tv – and it’s easy to see how your Mind, or Mental Body, becomes overwhelmed and unable to process so much mental stimulation.

Humming is an excellent practice to still a busy mind so you can respond to life’s challenges from a place of calm and connection rather then stress-mode. The beauty of humming is that it silences the excess mental noise long enough for you to hear yourself think. In other words, the INNER LISTENING that allows you to discern the whisper of your Heart for guidance. 

From an energetic perspective, humming benefits your Third Eye or Ajna Chakra. When balanced, this chakra facilitates focus, memory, visualisation,  meditation and the ability to deepen connection to your intuition and bring attention to the present moment.  

From a physiological perspective, humming is like an internal sonic massage! The sound vibration massages your inner ears, larynx and pharynx, stimulating your Vagus Nerve and promoting VAGAL TONE which is responsible for creating calm through your whole system. 

Check out the video to give Humming a go.

I’d love to know how you find it. 

Would you like to take this further?

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