but wait…it’s not time to move forward just yet!

Welcome to 2023! 

But don’t worry if you’re not feeling it just yet. The cosmic energies are still saying ‘rest and reflect’.

One thing you might be finding jarring about New Year celebrations is that in Western culture the new year is celebrated based on a man-made calendar. This is known as the Gregorian calendar, that divides the year into 12 months of varying lengths. 

As you know I’m all about lining up with natural rhythms and cycles, or Universal Qi. From this perspective the new year doesn’t start for another couple of weeks. According to this cosmic perspective, the wheel of the year is measured by the LUNAR CALENDAR, which is 13 months of approximately 28.5 days each.

The exact same rhythm as the menstrual cycle!

The Gregorian calendar is totally out of sync with this cyclical wisdom. Ok, you might think what does it matter but there’s a good argument that the Gregorian calendar was deliberately introduced to disconnect humanity from our union with Nature’s Wisdom and our connection to Universal Qi. 

And, because of the relationship between the womb (microcosm) and lunar calendar (macrocosm), it’s easy to see how the Gregorian calendar might also serve to disconnect women from their body wisdom and feminine intelligence. 


Anyhow, my point isn’t to get all political but really just give you the option of making up your own mind how you want to live your life.

If you’re interested in tapping into Universal Qi, the New Year doesn’t start until the next New Moon. This is the weekend of 21st/22nd January. What’s cool about this weekend is it also coincides with all planets FINALLY moving out of Retrograde, which has been the unusual cosmic challenge these past couple of months, to now all start moving forward. Hoorah!

In other words, if you’ve been feeling stuck, frustrated, like you’re not getting anywhere with a certain issue and like things are ‘never going to change’…don’t loose heart.

Hang in there! 

The time to READY, RESET, GO! isn’t far away.

I know it can be frustrating when you feel you should be moving forward and this isn’t happening, especially in our goal-driven culture.

But, if you’d like to adopt a more feminine approach to life the invitation is to stop pushing and trying to make things happen based on an arbitrary ‘New Year’ and surrender to the perfection of this moment.

TRUST you will get where you want to go.

In the mean time, take out the garbage, forgive and bless another year cycle now ending and make sure to celebrate the lessons learned. No matter how much a shit-show it may have been for you, the key is to find the DIAMOND.


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