Last night I completely lost the plot. For no good reason I flew into a door-slamming hissy fit that ended with an episode of uncontrollable sobbing. Now, I admit to being an emotional person but I’m not usually a door-slamming kind of person. So what’s going on?

Oh yeah. FULL MOON.

So, I wanted to check in and see how are YOU going? 

If you’ve been feeling extra tired, emotional and/or quick to anger you could be feeling the influence of the last Full Moon for 2022. It turns out this full moon is in Gemini conjunct Mars, the fiery planet of war, anger…and door-slamming.

A key principle of Chinese Medicine is you don’t exist in isolation – you’re completely connected to your environment. This means you’re always being influenced by Universal energies: the changing seasons, time of day, the movement of planetary bodies…such as the moon.

One way of looking at the energetic influence of a full moon is that it brings to surface whatever you’ve been holding in your EMOTIONAL BODY ready to be released. In the same way the moon influences the ebb and flow of the Earth’s tides, the moon affects the waters in your body and these watery energies correspond to your emotional reality.

So when the moon is full its high tide!

This is why you might be feeling increased tiredness, emotional overwhelm and (under the influence of Mars) irritability, anger and even rage, which can also show up as frustration or depression – it’s emotional residue coming up to the surface seeking a release.

On the plus side, if you choose to consciously work with the energies of a full moon, it serves to illuminate what’s hidden below the surface, giving you the opportunity to bring to light what’s been hiding in your subconscious. Stuff you’ve been carrying around that you haven’t resolved.

So if you’ve recently been stampeded  by painful emotions, frustration, feelings of powerlessness, flying off the handle, negative self-talk or simply exhaustion and a sense of not getting anywhere, there’s a reason!

The full moon is giving you an opportunity to let go and lighten your load.

And as the last full moon of 2022, an opportunity to let go any unresolved pain and emotional baggage from 2022 so you don’t carry it into 2023.

So, why not use this opportunity to clear that old stuff and make space for something new.

Let’s face it, 2022 has been really challenging for most people and I’m sure you could use the opportunity to release and let some of it go. If so, you might like to try the FULL MOON FIRE BURNING RITUAL below. 

Not sure what you need to release?

Here’s a 20 minute guided meditation to help


If possible, use the 24-48 hour period either side of the Full Moon to set aside 30 minutes to reflect on what’s been surfacing for you this week. By choosing not to ignore or suppress it but instead shine the light of your awareness into your darkness, you have an opportunity to RELEASE and CONSCIOUSLY let it go.

My favourite way to work with the energy of releasing is a FIRE RITUAL.

Grab a pen and sheet of paper and at the top of the page write ‘What I’m NOW ready to release, let go and forgive‘ and then start writing.

Use sentences that affirm its already happening such as, ‘I release the pain/anger/resentment etc I feel related to…’

OR ‘I find it in my heart to forgive….for….’

Keep going until you’ve filled both sides of the paper. Write whatever pops into your head without censoring it or judging it or needing to make sense of it. Get it out!

Then, when you feel complete BURN IT. You might like to read your list out loud prior to burning and let yourself connect with the words and how you feel as you speak this out loud.

You can even ask for support from the unseen world, your guides and helpers if that feels right.

Use a fire pit or a fire resistant bowl to burn the paper. When it’s completely burned and the ashes are cold, tip the ashes to the earth as an offering that these ashes of the old become the fertile soil to nourish the new.

The power is in your intention and action so don’t get hooked up on getting it right or needing it to be perfect. Just do it!

Finish with taking a moment of gratitude for yourself for taking the time and space to complete this ritual. It really is powerful to release and let go, and what you do for yourself also benefits the whole. 


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