Follow the Yin is another way of saying ‘Follow the Tao’, and Tao means ‘The Way’.


The Tao isn’t a religion. The Tao is a way of approaching life based on observation of Natural and Universal Law. This is because in Nature everything is balanced, everything rectifies itself, there’s a perfection in the design involving a never-ending regeneration through constant cycles of birth, death and rebirth. These laws have been there since the very beginning and will continue as long as the universe exists.


Living life according to the Tao makes life simple, just follow the ebb and flow of natural and universal energies and you enjoy the benefit of living in a state of harmony with the cosmos.


In Chinese Medicine, living out of alignment with these laws is the cause of dis-ease. Going against the natural design creates imbalances within the system and to restore health the aim is to bring the flow of universal energy (chi) back into harmony within the body and with the cosmos.


This applies as much to an individual as it does to Mother Earth. It doesn’t matter whether its the small things at the individual level, such as filling your body with junk food or neglecting your body’s need for rest or exercise OR if it’s on a global scale such as modifying crops or altering genetics or even changing the weather patterns. There’s ALWAYS a price to pay. This is simply Natural Law. Nature will always seek to restore balance because it’s the perfection of Nature’s Design that holds the whole thing together.


Yes, humanity has free will but just because we can doesn’t mean we should. The capacity to know the difference is called WISDOM.


It truly is a curious thing that these days the simple wisdom of living life in accordance with Natural Law is considered extremism!


Nonetheless, we are in extreme times. Something needs to change, and it doesn’t need to be either/ or. Imagine the potential for humanity’s evolution should we learn to apply our intellectual technology in a way that’s in harmony with the Tao or Nature’s Wisdom? This is what the Age of Aquarius is asking us to consider!




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