Tap into the power & wisdom of your cycle

Hello, I’m Peta

I’m a Women’s Wellness Specialist qualified in Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine) and passionate advocate for women’s bodies and women’s wisdom. For well over two decades I’ve immersed myself in understanding the true power of the Sacred Feminine through studies in Eastern Wisdom, Women’s Mysteries, Inner Alchemy, Spiritual Midwifery, Ecstatic Birth, Birth Mindset Mentoring (hypnosis), Doula. This has led me to a path of EMBODIMENT – healing the disconnect between Mind & Body in order to experience more aliveness.

I’m an Empress Yoga teacher with many years personal Female Taoist Jade Egg practice and love sharing embodiment practices that reconnect women to their body wisdom and creative power. I run a 6 month mentoring program Empress Secrets & Art of Embodied Womanly Leadership for women who desire a life that feels good in a woman’s body, giving yourself permission to break free of patriarchal programming that only leads to burn out. There is another way! Empress Secrets shows you how to celebrate being a woman, and how to flow with your hormones and cyclical nature for enhanced body love & self confidence, inner alignment, vitality, creative expression and radiance. 

Want to know more? Book a consultation to discover how Chinese Medicine can support you through the different phases of being a woman and learn to use the shifts in your hormones to your advantage. 


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