Want to know how to do more by doing less?


Spring is the energy of growth and new beginnings and if you’re anything like me, the moment that spring sunshine comes out you’re full of energy, eager to throw off winter’s inertia and get stuff done!


Women are naturally highly creative, especially during the fertile years. The creative power of your Womb Space isn’t just for baby-making but also stores the feminine-creative energy used to conceive, gestate, birth, and sustain all your projects and manifestations.


The challenge with the innate abundance of your feminine-creative energy, especially in springtime, is learning to channel and focus this power intentionally. Otherwise, you may find yourself flitting from one project to another, bursting with all you want to do that you end up taking on too much. This can lead to overwhelm, and/or the inability to see things through to completion because you simply don’t have enough resources to go around.


Sound familiar?


If so, you’re not alone. This was my pattern most of my life. I used to get told, ‘You never finish anything you start’ and for a long time I believed this.


Learn the secret to your female creative power


The beautiful thing about Empress Secrets & Art of Embodied Feminine Leadership is that it’s taught me how to understand my feminine-creative energy and how to harness this power more consciously. This has been incredibly liberating; I’m no longer stuck repeating the same patterns of behaviour that lead to overwhelm or exhaustion or inability to follow through.


In Western culture, its common to believe that creation follows a linear pathway, a straight line from where you are to where you want to go, but this isn’t the big picture. Feminine-creative energy doesn’t follow a straight line. Feminine-creative energy is fluid, moving in CYCLES.


If you want to understand how your feminine-creative energy moves, all you need do is look to Mother Nature. Your body is encoded with the same power of creation as Nature, and this feminine-creative energy is constantly cycling through phases of growth & new beginnings, maturity & harvest, death & decay, rest, renewal & rebirth.


My favourite word to describe the cyclical nature of feminine-creative energy is WISDOM. In Nature nothing goes to waste, everything is energy (Qi), and Qi is constantly being recycled in a way that maintains balance for the whole.


Follow Nature’s Blueprint


Whilst you can’t see Qi, you can observe how Qi moves by paying attention to Nature and the seasons and noticing how this universal energy influences the physical world.


The Ancient Taoist’s used Five Element Theory of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire to describe this cyclical movement of Qi, a nature-based model very similar to the Western Wise Women traditions of Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Ether.



In Five Element Theory, Spring corresponds to the Wood Element. In Spring, you can observe how the feminine-creative energy moves in an upward and outward direction, bringing green shoots of fresh new life to the trees and spring blossoms.


Of course, you don’t exist separate to your environment, you’re a part of it. This Universal Qi influencing Mother Nature also influences you. The ‘upward and outward’ movement of the Wood Element and Spring is an energy you can tap into and consciously plant the seeds of ‘growth and new beginnings’ toward manifesting your desires.


Hence why it’s normal in Spring to have a fresh burst of energy to start new things and initiate goals you’d like to achieve.


The Wood Element needs direction


However, the thing to understand about maximising the creative potential of Spring’s abundant energies is this: You need to be able to hold or contain this potent energy for new life and channel this creative power selectively.


Think about the way a tree grows in Spring. Its energy branches up and out in all directions. In the same way, under the influence of the Wood Element you may find that you are multi-passionate, wanting to shoot branches in all directions, filled with creative enthusiasm for all you want to do.


This is a wonderful, expansive energy that feels great because it’s so full of creative potential, but the trick is learning to contain and direct this energy consciously.


Otherwise, it’s easy to get swept up in the expansive energies of Spring and start a million different things, going off in all directions, over-committing and spreading yourself too thin.


If you think of a tree, spring growth disperses in all directions. But a good gardener knows the benefit of pruning the tree to direct those potent, expansive growth energies in a way that leads to maximum fruit in Summer. This is the same principle as a bonsai tree. With bonsai, your intention is to see the bigger picture for the tree, trimming away any growth that is not aligned with this bigger vision to direct maximum Qi toward fulfilling that ultimate vision.


In the same way, the art of conscious manifestation is realising that, whilst your power of creation may be infinite, manifesting your infinite potential into something ‘real’ and tangible and finite is, paradoxically, a process of LIMITATION.


Creation is a process of limiting energy through the funnel of your choices


You can’t do it all without spreading yourself too thin.


But you can be more selective in how you choose to direct your creative energy to ultimately be more fruitful.


In Spring, the art is to harness these expansive energies and funnel this energy intentionally toward whatever it is you want to bring to maturity in Summer. Like a gardener, the more you trim and refine your focus, selectively directing and containing your creativity toward a more singular vision, the more juice and motive-force available to ultimately bring this vision to manifestation.


No wonder an Empress is typically depicted seated on her throne within her garden, clearly suggesting that Mother Nature holds the secrets to your sovereignty.


Another way to look at this is the Wood Element and Spring corresponds to the Follicular Phase of the menstrual cycle, approximately Day 7-14. At this phase in the cycle, your ovaries hold multiple eggs ready for ripening but, in a natural cycle, only 1 egg (usually) is selected for maturity at ovulation. Nature’s Wisdom aims to direct maximum Qi toward that 1 egg to give it the best possible chance of successful conception, and ultimately Life.


Your cyclical nature is your super power


Nature’s Wisdom is a blueprint you can follow in your own life, to tap into your creative genius and use this power more intentionally to conceive, gestate, mature, shed and birth your creative goals – whether that be a baby or any act of creation. 


First, you need to give yourself permission to be cyclical.


Then you look to the movement of Qi through the different phases of the cycle and choose to follow the wisdom inherent in each phase.


And finally, you look within. If you have a womb your body is encoded with Nature’s blueprint for creation via your menstrual cycle. Yes, you can follow the Sun and Moon cycles but your BODY is central. Your energy or Qi is designed to follow this cyclical movement. It’s the secret to your goddess-given power of creativity, showing you how to get more done by doing less.



Would you like to know more?


Empress Secrets & Art of Embodied Feminine Leadership is a 6 month mentoring program that shows you how to tap into your feminine power of creation and let this lead. This is a style of ‘leadership’ that feels good as woman because you get to play to your strengths, rather than suppress them as weakness. The result is like turning on a tap to enhanced self love & connection, inner alignment, optimal vitality, wild creativity and radiant attraction.





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