Enliven your Solar Centre

As you know, your gut needs to be working properly to physically digest the food you eat, which essentially means extracting the nutrients needed to keep your body healthy and eliminating any waste products. But what you might not know is that, due of the Mind-Body connection, your digestion is also responsible for how you mentally digest and process ideas, thoughts and new information.

Humming for Clarity of Mind

Humming is an excellent practice to still a busy mind so you can respond to life's challenges from a place of calm and connection rather then stress-mode. The beauty of humming is that it silences the excess mental noise long enough for you to hear yourself think. In other words, the INNER LISTENING that allows you to discern the whisper of your Heart for guidance. 

The secret to harnessing the abundance of Spring

The thing to understand about maximising the creative potential of Spring’s abundant energies is this: You need to be able to hold or contain this potent energy for new life and channel this creative power selectively. Think about the way a tree grows in Spring. Its energy branches up and out in all directions. In the same way, under the influence of the Wood Element you may find that you are multi-passionate, wanting to shoot branches in all directions, filled with creative enthusiasm for all you want to do.

Your body is your greatest guide & teacher

One of the most common words I've heard women use to describe their first experience of Empress Yoga is 'confronting'. This isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's kind of the point. The purpose of this style of yoga is to invite you to explore aspects of being a woman you may not have explored before. These practices confront because they ask you to connect to what it means to be a woman, in order to heal, love and celebrate your body and feminine nature. It can be like shining a light on places you may not have even realised were there.