Do you feel burnt out, stretched to the max or overwhelmed with all you have to do?

Maybe you feel disconnected from your inner knowing?

Or out of control & at the mercy of your hormones?

As a Women’s Wellness Specialist I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to women and I’ve learnt there’s a common reason WHY modern women like you and me struggle with whatever it is we’re struggling with, and this is it: culturally we’ve been taught to deny the truth of being a woman – the full expression of our FEMININE SEXUAL-SPIRITUAL CREATIVE POWER. We’ve been taught to live life at one speed (full throttle!) and to ignore the CYCLICAL WISDOM of our body. As a result, we’re disconnected from what’s actually our greatest source of strength and nourishment AND we’re constantly blocked or exhausted from denying who we really are.

What’s more, for the most of it we don’t know this is what’s going on! The cyclical, regenerative wisdom of  the SACRED FEMININE has been missing from our culture for such a long time we’ve all but forgotten there’s something we’re not seeing here. 

Something vital.

This vital substance is YIN.

The Ancient Taoist’s called YIN the GOLDEN ELIXIR OF LIFE

Hello, I’m Peta

I love, love LOVE supporting women to celebrate and love their female body and all it means to be a woman!

There’s nothing more revolutionary than the courage to love your womanly body and claim the wild, instinctual and organic truth of your feminine sexual-spiritual power of creation and let this lead. It flies counter to a culture that wants you to stay small when in truth you’re a FORCE OF NATURE!  

Life doesn’t have to be so hard or stressful or exhausting and all this does is play havoc with your female physiology and psychology and keep you miserable. There is another way! The YIN way!

Follow the Yin means learning to connect to and trust the wisdom of your body and cyclical nature for enhanced self love and connection, inner alignment, optimal vitality, full creative expression and radiant attraction

Is it time to stop holding back the full expression of who you are? 

Women’s Wisdom & Wellness Consultations & Programs

Women’s Wellness Consultations

CONSULTATION Initial $210/ Subsequent $150 

One of my favourite expressions of Eastern Wisdom is 1 PART TREATMENT : 8 PART LIFESTYLE. What this means is there’s so much you can do to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through changes to your lifestyle – in fact 80% of health comes from lifestyle. Consultations are based on diagnosis of your unique situation and then focus on lifestyle changes you can make to achieve your goals. Suggestions include: 

  • Herbal Medicine*
  • Acupoint Therapy
  • Diet Therapy
  • Sacred Female Yoga & Jade Egg Practices
  • Personal Energy Management – for self mastery
  • Breath Work
  • Meditations & Guided Visualisations
  • Menstrual Cycle Ease
  • Sexual/Sensual Rejuvenation & Vitality
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness

“A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself” – Unknown

*Herbs are supplied separately and cost an approximately $30 – $50 including postage. 

The Art of Feminine Leadership

EMPRESS SECRETS & ART OF EMBODIED FEMININE LEADERSHIP is designed to show you how to tap into your yin-feminine power of creation and how to let this lead.

It’s a 12 week transformational program with 6 months mentoring that will show you how to embody a style of ‘leadership’ that actually feels good as a woman because you get to play to your strengths, rather than suppress this as weakness. 

The result is like turning on the tap to enhanced self love and confidence, inner alignment, optimal vitality, full creative expression and radiant attraction.

Yin is the ELIXIR OF LIFE, the whole world benefits from a turned on woman!

  • Sacred Feminine Wisdom & 5 Element Theory 
  • Radical Body Love 
  • Flowing with the Womb – harnessing the power of your cycle
  • Trusting your feelings and body intelligence rather then being ‘in your head’
  • Feminine Inner Alchemy for lasting transformation & manifestation
  • The Art of Jade Egg, Breast Care & Massage, Womb Steaming & Pelvic Floor Power 
  • Secrets to Female Sexuality & Sensuality 

The course includes: 1 Day Live Virtual Retreat, 6 Modules to Embodied Feminine Leadership based on 5 Element Theory, Body Love Journal, 30+ Video & Audio Recordings, Empress Embodiment & Sacred Female Yoga Practices, 6 + 3 One-on-One Mentoring Sessions incorporating Feminine & Masculine Approaches to healing (with both Peta & Ron Bailey), 6 x Group Coaching Calls plus 3 x additional Accountability Sessions 

6 month transformational program $3330 (next round starts September 2022)

EmbodiedBirth Preparation

CONSULTATION Individual session $210 / Course $1350 (9 powerful sessions) 

Would you like to know how to ENJOY childbirth?

Embodied Birth Preparation is a revolutionary dive into the true potential of your body and birth that will blow your mind! Which is kind of the point as birth is something you do in your body, not your head! Backed by leading-edge scientific and spiritual understanding of female physiology, you’ll learn embodiment exercises, tools and practices to embrace the intensity of birth and open your body for an ecstatic and potentially orgasmic experience.

Ultimately birth is about YOU and your relationship to YOUR body and feminine wisdom. Birth isn’t passive, its something you get to engage in as an extension of your feminine sexual-spiritual creative power. Preparing for pleasurable childbirth offers you an extraordinary life-changing opportunity to learn more about being a woman and your relationship to your body, your pelvis and your sexuality. Learn to unleash the power of your Shakti!

Let me tell you a little more about myself…

I’m a Women’s Wellness Specialist and qualified un-registered practitioner of acupuncture and herbalism, having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) at RMIT University in Bundoora as well as my Clinical Internship at Nanjing University of Traditional Medicine in Nanjing, China in 2009.

I was pregnant with my second daughter whilst studying my first year at uni, and spent as much time in the midwifery section of the library pouring over books on Western Wise Women traditions as I did learning about Eastern Wisdom. I didn’t realise it at the time, but what I was looking for was something that affirmed the spiritual truth of my reality that was non-existent within my own culture. This spiritual truth is what I’ve come to understand as the feminine aspect of spiritual/sexual-creative energy: WISDOM.

My quest for Wisdom has led me on a 20+ year journey deep into Women’s Mysteries which is ultimately a path of EMBODIMENT. I discovered a woman’s body truly is a temple and claiming your body as sacred and learning to be fully present in your body – especially your HEART, WOMB & YONI – is how you step into the fullness of your feminine sexual-spiritual creative energy. I’ve come to see how the Sacred Feminine has been feared, shamed and oppressed for so long it’s effectively disconnected women from the source of their true nourishment, Yin. And it’s this disconnect and blockage that causes pain within a woman’s body. Women have been culturally conditioned to feel ashamed of their body, their blood, their cyclical nature, their sexuality and their wild, instinctual intelligence, and the result is everything from hormonal imbalances to menstrual irregularities, to lumps, cysts and fibroids, to sexual health issues and generally feeling anxious and unworthy. And it’s this disconnect that sees women unnecessarily birthing in fear and pain.

I’ve trained as a Doula, a Birth Educator & Birth Mindset Mentor and an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner and truly love sharing with women and couples how to enjoy childbirth. I’m a Sacred Female Yoga Teacher and an Advocate of the Desilets Method of Jade Egg Mastery and teach embodiment practices that reconnect women to their body wisdom and feminine sexual-spiritual creative power.  

I’m a passionate advocate and voice for the Sacred Feminine and love, love LOVE sharing Her Wisdom. 

x Peta