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Do you feel burnt out, stretched to the max or overwhelmed with all you have to do?

Maybe you feel disconnected from your inner knowing, or out of control & at the mercy of your hormones?

My name is Peta and I launched my business, Dragonfly Chinese Medicine, to help my clients achieve their goals by offering the kind of personalised, one-on-one service and attention that I feel is essential for true healing.

This takes time and it’s a process of self discovery.

It’s my joy to support you in that journey – be it to have a calm or ecstatic birth, or to achieve your fertility goals, to enjoy a smooth transition through menopause, or to live a life with enhanced wellbeing.

What does it mean ‘follow the yin’?

The phrase ‘follow the yin‘ has its roots in Eastern Taoist philosophy and is based on the understanding that to live in harmony with universal energies, you need to put the Yin (feminine/receptive) in the guiding position.

Yin is the feminine energy, the receptive aspect that is the open door through which universal and spiritual intelligence is received in the form of intuition and feeling. She is the chalice. The Yang is the masculine energy, the active aspect that listens to her and then acts to manifest her intuitive guidance into the physical world, bringing formless into form. 

Female intuition plus male action equals creativity.

This is the natural order of the universe, the way to optimally benefit from the life-force or Qi (energy) available to you.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s how to use The Force and be a Jedi!

Unfortunately, most of us have not yet learned to benefit from the harmonious dance of Yin and Yang.

In our modern culture, Yang (masculine/active) has been dominant after millennium of suppression of Yin. Under this patriarchal worldview, rather then surrender to the forces of the universe and trust in the Mystery, the masculine energy attempts to control it. This is a fear based response to life that sees mankind as separate and stuck in survival mode. 

The resulting imbalance between Yin and Yang is at the root of the crises our planet faces today, reflected in everything from our war against each other and the environment, to the war that is fought everyday against the natural cycles of women’s bodies.

Yang is out of control; the counterbalance of a flourishing Yin is essential to restore harmony and balance both within and without.

To understand what this means to women’s health, all you need do is look at how the average woman has had her natural hormonal cycle controlled by artificial hormones since she was a teenager. Ironically, women have been led to believe this is ‘female empowerment’. 

Consider also how the average pregnancy and birth is now managed as an illness. The vast majority of births are controlled, pharmaceutically and surgically, rather then trusting women’s bodies and female intuition. The average woman has been taught to fear birth to such an extent less then 0.5% experience normal, natural physiological labor.

Given that hysterectomy and caesarean section are the two most common surgeries worldwide, it’s easy to see how suppressing Yin – man versus nature – is failing women and their health. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners apply the principle ‘follow the yin’ as a way to improve all aspects of women’s health, recognising that life is cyclical. Just like the Day-Night cycle, where there is Yin phase (sleep) and a Yang phase (wake) so too the menstrual cycle follows an energetic ebb and flow of energy. For women who are post-menopausal, paying attention to the lunar cycle (moon) is beneficial.  

Women are cyclical. To try and go through life at one speed and in one gear goes against the natural life-force that is available to women. 

If you are feeling burnt out, stretched to max, overwhelmed with all that you have to do, disconnected from your inner sense of knowing, or out of control and at the mercy of your hormones, there is another way.  

Learning how to work in harmony with the menstrual (or moon) cycle, to know when it is Yin time and when it is Yang time helps women understand the power of each phase of the cycle and allows women to work in harmony with their body. This the way to optimum health, vitality, joy, creativity and wellbeing. 

Follow the yin.

Let me tell you a little more about myself…

I’m a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a registered practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) at RMIT University in Bundoora as well as my Clinical Internship at Nanjing University of Traditional Medicine in Nanjing, China.

I’m also trained as a Doula, a Birth Educator & Birth Mindset Mentor and I’m an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner. I’m the creator of the course Breathe.Believe.Birth with Ease that supports women to achieve a great birth using mindset, breathing, pleasure and relaxation techniques; and I’m author of the forthcoming book Postnatal Wellness Blueprint – TCM self help techniques & natural remedies to assist postpartum recovery & wellbeing. I’m a Sacred Female Yoga Teacher and an Advocate of the Desilets Method of Jade Egg practices, teaching women to awaken and reconnect to their sexuality and sensual nature. My aim is to practice what I preach and embody what I teach. 

A few other random things about me…

  • I’m a mother to two adult daughters. I don’t feel old enough to say that.
  • I’m a little lazy with my speech. I tend to not say ‘th’, which means feather becomes feva. I love fevas.
  • I’ve been practicing yoga for about 20 years. Then I discovered the delicious Jade Egg and Sacred Teachings of the Jade Goddess as taught by Saida Desilets and totally fell in love with these feminine qi gong practices. Yum. 
  • Speaking of yum, providing nutritious meals is my biggest daily challenge. There’s nothing that stresses me more then knowing it’s 5pm and I don’t have a plan for dinner. My dream is to have a personal chef! It’s going to happen one day (feel free to apply…).
  • I’ve always been attracted to exploring altered states of consciousness and the mind. The dragonfly symbolizes the ability to see through the illusion of ‘reality’. In my twenties I took the recreational party route, now I use meditation and qi gong techniques.
  • I wear a lot of black. That’s me in my element: dark, mysterious, feminine and feline. It’s also great for concealment.
  • I’m a compulsive journal keeper. It keeps me connected. Recently I’ve learnt to use it as powerful tool for manifesting my desires.
  • Don’t get me started on birth talk unless you’re ready to have your mind blown open! I’m passionate about teaching the truth of birth and women’s bodies and I’m here to ignite, in those who desire it, the innate power and gifts of the goddess. Follow the yin…xx