Would you like to live with greater financial freedom?

Ummm, yes please!

If you’re anything like me, you would love to live life with greater freedom to do the things you want to do or you’d love to feel a greater sense of financial ease and security.

Lots of women have big blocks and fears around money in the same way they have big blocks and fears around birth.

Helping women achieve a great birth and helping women overcome their money blocks kind of goes hand in hand.

Its common to hear women say they would love to invest more in their birth, such as employing an independent midwife, or benefitting from private birth classes, or to having a doula to provide extra birth support, but they ‘can’t afford it’.

One thing I know to be true is that money is not the real obstacle to achieving your desires: your mindset is.

I help women reframe their beliefs about birth to a positive mindset – choosing thoughts and beliefs that support the highest vision for their birth – and the results teach me time and time again that your mind is the most powerful tool you have to create the life of your dreams.

A few months back I came across Money Mindset Mentor (and fellow Aussie), Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, who is doing the same kind of work but instead of helping women overcome limiting beliefs about birth, she is totally revolutionising women’s beliefs about money.

Wow, this has been a game changer for me.

Since discovering Denise’s work I’ve benefited in so many ways. For one, I no longer live with a sense of constant worry about money. That in itself is SO liberating. Secondly, I’ve realised the many ways that I subconsciously push money away from flowing to me and why I block my ability to receive more money AND how to stop that.

So, I want to share Denise’s work with you because money should never be the obstacle to you achieving your desires. You deserve the prenatal, birth and postnatal care of your choice. It is your beliefs that shape your reality and your beliefs are just thoughts…stuck on repeat. Change your thoughts and you really do change your world.

Denise is a pro at helping women overcome money blocks. She’s also totally down-to-earth and soon to birth her second bub. Get her free training audio to clear 7 common blocks or her free audio for learning the secrets to manifest money quickly.

You can sign up here (its free):

FREE Money Blocks Course

FREE Money in 24 Hours Course

I’ve already shared this with friends and they’ve all found what Denise has to say about women and money life changing. It certainly has been for me.

Say yes to the abundance of life,

x Peta

HINT: A lot of it comes down to self love. Saying yes to life is saying yes to YOU. When you say ‘I can’t afford it’ you say no to allowing abundance into your life and no closes your ability to receive from all kinds of unexpected sources. No is a learnt behaviour. You can change that!

Wouldn’t it be great to learn a new pattern of behaviour, to practice new ways of thinking and believing, that supports your dreams and desires?

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