It is remarkable how common it is for Western women to be programmed to accept or cover up their female problems with continual medication.

According to TCM, dis-ease first starts as an energetic imbalance long before it becomes physical.

If you address the energetic imbalance when your body FIRST starts sending messages that something’s not right, and make the appropriate changes, the energy returns to its proper flow and the body to a state of health. In this way, your body becomes your guide for how to live well.

However, if you ignore the signs your body is sending, if you reach for pills or substances that make you feel better or calmer without addressing the underlying imbalance, then over time the energetic imbalance condenses to manifest as real, physical issues. So that by the time a real, physical imbalance is diagnosed – capable of being physically detected – you may have had the energetic imbalance for decades.

It’s heaps easier to treat imbalance at an energetic level then by the time it becomes a physical problem.

Here are super common examples of how your body sends you messages you are not living well:

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Common colds
  • Digestive issues

Culturally, most of us have been taught to block the messages our body is trying to send us. If you feel pain, take a pain killer, if you feel sad take an anti depressant. If you feel a sore throat coming on take something so you can ‘soldier on’. If you are tired, drink more coffee.

In fact, learning to ignore the messages our body sends us starts young. From early childhood most of us become conditioned to sitting still for long periods of time through the school system. ‘Good’ children are the ones that quickly learn to ignore their body’s natural energetic need to move and run and dance and wiggle, whereas kinaesthetic children that learn best through movement are labeled ‘disruptive’. Rather then change the schooling to fit the individual, the solution is to medicate the individual to fit the system.    

Likewise, the biorhythm of a women’s body ebbs and flows in a cyclical nature from puberty until post menopause. Because of this, women of the child bearing years have unique energy needs that reflect the changing hormones of the menstrual cycle. When in harmony with this flow, the body has a Yin Phase (rest) and a Yang Phase (active), and by observing this natural waxing and waning of energy women benefit with more vitality, better mood and the enhanced wellbeing of happy hormones.

Despite this, the average teenage girl learns that her period is a hindrance rather than an opportunity, and seeks to take control of her body through the artificial regulation of her hormones. Women approaching menopause are offered HRT rather then encouraged to look at the effect stress is having on their body’s natural hormone production.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) differs to Western Medicine in that it is an energetic model of health. Western Medicine is based on assessment of the physical body and looks for measurable, physical ailments to determine what is going on in your body. The limits of this approach is that because it solely focuses on the physical aspect of dis-ease, it only treats the symptom. A common example is the surgical removal of a fibroid or tumour or endometrial tissue to ‘cure’ a dis-ease.

This can be a quick fix approach that provides relief to your discomfort in the short term. It can also be life saving and has an important place in health care.

But this approach does not address the underlying energetic imbalance and so dis-ease may potentially manifest elsewhere in the body as a different ‘illness’. Your doctor may not connect the relationship between your gallbladder operation and your uterine fibroids, or your digestive issues and your history of tonsillitis or urinary tract infections. This often leads to the frustration of going from specialist to specialist trying to find the answer to your health problems without realising that the answer lies within.

Your body is your guide and greatest teacher. If your body is out of balance, if your body is feeling pain or discomfort or fatigue or depression etc. your body is telling you something needs to change.

TCM comes from an understanding that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and that starts with remembering how to listen to your body.

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