Lets talk about after the baby arrives…

The first 40 days is the GOLDEN MONTH

This is such an important topic! There’s so much I’d love to share here that I know will be of benefit to you which is why I’m writing a book on the topic!

According to Chinese Medicine the first 4-6 weeks after birth is known as the Golden Month. This is a time of huge physical and psychological change for you as a woman and is a time that needs much better understanding and appreciation by modern culture.

Most traditional cultures around the world honour the status of a new mother with customs such as the 40 day lie-in designed to support the emerging mother through this raw and vulnerable time.

I’m a huge fan!

I’d love to share with you some of these traditional principles and practices so you too can benefit from this age old wisdom, and gain a better understanding of why it’s so important.


It’s all about honouring the MOTHER

These customs are BEAUTIFUL, not just because they’re rich in wisdom that’s stood the test of time, but also for the fact that such customs are rooted in cultures which value the importance of MOTHER.

When a baby is born, so is a mother.

In such cultures, the mother is acknowledged as birthplace of life and the foundation upon which the baby, the family and the entire community grow. Because of this recognition, the culture prioritises care of new mothers as INTEGRAL to the health of all.

Unfortunately, modern culture doesn’t teach women to expect to be treated like a goddess after the extraordinary act of growing and birthing a baby. Instead new mothers are pushed to just get on with it and most often expect this of themselves.

There’s little understanding or appreciation for the unique needs of female physiology at this time, or social structures that adequately support mothers through this vulnerable phase.

In recent decades most traditional practices and wisdom related to caring for mothers after childbirth – and the value of supporting feminine processes – have been lost to a modern world. New mothers are left isolated and expecting too much of themselves, often after a traumatic or disempowered birth. What’s more, new mothers tend to think that there’s something wrong with them if they’re not coping rather then seeing it for what it is – a symptom of a broader cultural issue.

YOU deserve better.


Ancient wisdom for modern mammas

The beauty is whilst Western culture may have forgotten its Mother, there’s still much to be gained by looking to ancient traditions such as Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine that maintain a rich living heritage of postpartum customs that honour new mothers.

According to Chinese Medicine, the Mother corresponds to Earth and her wellbeing is central to the wellbeing of the FAMILY, the HOME, the COMMUNITY and the PLANET. In other words, if the Mother is not strong then ALL suffer the consequences. This seems pretty pertinent given the current global crisis for Mother Earth.

Sometimes the call to action to ‘save the planet’ can seem too big and overwhelming. But in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, where the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, the answer may be as simple as the choice to remember Mother as birthplace and creator of Life and show Her some f**king respect!



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