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Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Let me ask you…

Do you believe pregnancy is a normal, healthy state of being a woman, and not an illness?


Do you feel modern antenatal care places too much emphasis on a medical approach that can leave you feeling disempowered and uncertain?


Would you love to discover natural alternatives to support your journey to motherhood and beyond that bring confidence and trust in yourself, your intuition and your body?

pregnancy, birth & beyond

should be the time in a woman’s life of greatest power

Yet fear and mistrust of the feminine has created a culture where too many women birth with pain not power,

and enter motherhood traumatised and lacking confidence

YOU can choose something different…

My vision is for a revolution is antenatal care where a WELLNESS MODEL becomes the normal choice for healthy pregnant women.


I believe a holistic, wellness approach to pregnancy, birth and postnatal care best provides women with the inner resources and self belief to trust themselves and their body during labor and birth.


This naturally leads to an empowered birth and the flow on effect of strong, healthy and confident mothering.

My birth story

Why I’m so passionate about what I do!

My first birth rocketed me from the wonder and discovery of revelling in my pregnant body, to crying every day for months and feeling like I’d somehow failed. Somewhere between being admitted to hospital and discharged, I’d lost a part of me that I could never get back.

My second birth was different. It was a moment that, to this day, fills me with feelings of triumph, ecstasy, love and connection to a power I can only describe as bliss.

It was not by chance that my second birth was so empowering. Throughout my pregnancy I consciously prepared myself in a way I hadn’t for my first.

What I learned along the way continues to influence all that I do.

I discovered the huge gap between the cultural belief about birth as something to fear and mistrust VERSUS evidence of the love and ease with which women’s bodies are designed to birth.

I discovered it is fear, and only fear, that is at the root of all pain and tension and problems in birth, whereas Nature has designed for babies to be born in a loving, gentle and easy way.

My birth preparation changed my beliefs about birth.

I learnt that birth does not have to be painful or an ordeal or a medical event. I learnt that birth is a very natural event that may be intense but also calm and intimate, loving and triumphant. Ecstatic.

Key to this is providing support to women that builds confidence and trust their body.

My studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern Wisdom coincided with my personal journey into pregnancy, birth and Western Wise Women traditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine taught me a 5000 year old theory of a health care based on working with natural processes. At the same time my double degree meant I studied Western Health Sciences and the medical model of health care that had influenced most of my cultural beliefs about health.

Until I studied Chinese Medicine, I’d never questioned there may be another way to look at health. In the same way, until I met an Independent Midwife I’d never questioned other models of antenatal care aside from hospital and the medical model.

Opening my mind and my heart to new ways of being have led me to greater health and wellbeing, and to experiencing birth as one of the most joyous and ecstatic moments of my life.

What I love best is being able to use what I have learnt along the way to help you, too.

If you’d love to bring more feminine power to your journey I encourage you to look around

Open your mind and heart to new ways of being

& consider how a WELLNESS MODEL might benefit you