Are you stressed about not going into labor spontaneously and being recommended artificial induction?

Are you ‘over it’ and just want to get things happening?

Do you feel unsure about knowing how to trust yourself and when to listen to what medical protocols advise?

Acupuncture to Induce Labor

For best results acupuncture to induce labor usually involves a series of treatments, including at least three (3) Easy Birthing Preparation sessions. This allows the opportunity to identify any possible underlying issues that may prevent your baby arriving on time.*

So what if you’ve left it to the last minute and now you find yourself 40+ weeks and freaking out?

I can help.

Prepare for Labor is a post term (40+ weeks) consultation that addresses the last minute distress often experienced by women at this stage.

It is an extended consultation that allows time to talk about your concerns and find the best solution for your needs.

What you need at this time will be completely unique to your individual circumstances: you might need physical support to help baby into an optimum position, to assist with sporadic contractions or to initiate labor; you might need emotional reassurance or there may be trauma from a previous birth that needs resolving before this baby can arrive; you might be looking to understand your options amidst the medical model of care.

Depending on your needs this session may include counselling, bodywork, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, breathing techniques and a host of other resources to help you find your centre.

You will leave feeling calm, confident and ready for the next step.

*Hmmm…what is timely when it comes to birth? Unfortunately modern women and their babies are under unprecedented pressure based on an EDD of 40 weeks, often determined by a diagnostic scan back in the first trimester, a kind of a one size fits all approach.  It’s a bit like saying every apple is going to ripen on the tree and fall on the same date.

Statistically over 60% of Australian babies are not being born according to their timing mechanisms.

Research shows it is a signal from your baby that starts the process of labour.  If labour hasn’t begun, it’s because your baby is not ready.