The Mother Warming Treatment is important to replenish Blood and Qi (energy) that has been lost during childbirth, promoting recovery postpartum.  Labour and birth is a strenuous event that places huge strain on the body and, according to TCM, exhausted reserves of Blood and Qi in the postnatal period is the root cause of problems such as low milk supply, mastitis, prolapse, insomnia and depression.

Mother Warming is best performed a few days after giving birth but fortunately it is a simple technique that you and/or a partner can learn beforehand. This allows you to enjoy the Mother Warming treatment in your own home and not disturb the Baby Moon. Traditionally, the Baby Moon is the period measuring one lunar month or 28 ½ days after birth where mother and baby stay home as both are considered vulnerable and should, where possible, avoid contact with the outside world. This allows for plenty of rest and time to get to know one another and has many long term health benefits for both.

Mother Warming is a gentle, nurturing treatment consisting of moxibustion and is applicable after both vaginal and caesarean birth. Moxibustion involves the application of warmth using the herb Mugwort to specific acupoints and areas of the body in order to promote postnatal recovery.

Mother Warming

The Mother Warming Session teaches you how to use moxibustion at any time postnatally for the following benefits:

  • Warm the Uterus ensuring a healthy womb for future fertility and menstruation.
  • Replenish Qi helping to improve energy levels.
  • Nourish Blood helping to promote emotional calm and stability.
  • Benefit Iron levels aiding postpartum blood loss.
  • Boost milk supply.
  • Treat and prevent prolapse.

In addition the session includes postnatal advice and practical tips on looking after yourself, getting enough rest, breastfeeding issues, perineal support and asking for help.

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