What do you know about the benefits of having your Placenta Encapsulated?

Whilst to most people in our culture that may conjure up some weird hippy idea of placenta burgers and leave you feeling a bit squeamish, Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of using the placenta in its prepared form as the herb, Zhi He Che, to strongly replenish exhausted energy reserves. And if there is one time in life your energy reserves are exhausted, it’s after giving birth to your baby. 


Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have long advised nursing mothers to boil their placenta and drink the broth as a soup to improve milk quality and supply. Zi He Chi is considered a Kidney tonic. For women who have experienced high blood pressure, edema (fluid retention) and protein in urine during pregnancy, ingesting placenta heals and soothes the kidneys to help resolve these symptoms more quickly. From a Western Medicine perspective, placenta is also held in high regard and provides many benefits to aid post partum recovery:

Placenta Encapsulation Benefits

  • Prevents postnatal depression because placenta is rich in hormones that helps stabilise your own hormones.
  • Contains Prolactin to improve breast milk quality and boost milk supply .
  • Contains Hemoglobin to replenish your Iron from blood loss during birth to prevent post birth anemia.
  • Contains Urokinase to reduce bleeding times and infection and act as a natural medicine for post partum pain.
  • Provides an ongoing source of Oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone, aiding mood stabilization.
  • Replenishes your B Vitamins and energy levels.

If you are in the Bendigo region Placenta Encapsulation is a service that prepares your placenta using Traditional Chinese Medicine methods into capsule and/or tincture form so that you can enjoy the benefits of ingesting this powerful nourishment without the squeamishness. Your placenta will be picked up within hours of birth if fresh, or within 24 hours if refrigerated. The capsules will be delivered within three days of receiving the placenta and the tincture will be posted back within 6-8 weeks. According to Chinese Medicine this is sacred medicine, full of life force, and your placenta will always be handled with reverence.

If you are having a hospital birth, ensure the hospital is aware you want to keep the placenta (don’t worry, it’s a pretty normal request these days). And whilst you are having the placenta conversation, consider choosing a natural third stage and requesting the delayed clamping and cutting of your baby’s umbilical cord so that your baby may receive the full benefits of this placental blood. If you are planning a lotus birth (leaving the umbilical cord uncut until it falls away) you may still be able to enjoy the Placenta Encapsulation service once the cord separates naturally.

I am certified in Food Safety Handling and am experienced in the correct handling of blood borne products.

Placenta-Encapsulation-BendigoClick here for more information why it is so important to look after yourself in the post natal period or contact me for more information.

‘In my experience, I attribute my post natal health in part to the encapsulated placenta. I started taking the capsules a few days after birth and found even after a haemorrhage during birth my iron levels stayed high, my milk came in quickly and plentifully and my spirits remained high even with having to stay in the children’s ward with Nate for the first week of his life (4 months on no post natal depression and didn’t experience very low swings at all with the ‘baby blues’).
I really appreciated the pick up/drop off service as those early days were really crazy and it made the whole process possible. The warning on the jar about infections was also very helpful as I may not have remembered that if told verbally and getting mastitis I did have to stop taking them for a while’. – Michelle

Placental Encapsulation Service

Placental Encapsulation $375

Encapsulation & Tincture $495

Includes pick-up and delivery for Placenta Encapsulation within the Bendigo region.

For bookings & further information CONTACT: Peta 0416503280