Whilst most women do plan to birth their babies vaginally, for a variety of reasons caesarean section is increasingly common (as high as 30-40%), whether elective or as the unexpected outcome of labour (emergency caesarean). When your baby is born via the surgical route, the scar created has a special significance according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The line of this scar running horizontal across the lower abdomen cuts through important Meridians (energy lines) that nourish the Uterus and replenish Qi and Blood reserves. This interruption to energy flow has the potential to create blockage in the region, potentially leading to future gynecological/ health/ sexual energy issues, as well as interrupting the energy alignment for future babies.

C-Scar Bridge

Scar Bridging is a technique involving Acupuncture and Moxibustion that aims to restore the energetic flow, promoting healing of the scar not just on the Physical Body level, but also the different Energetic levels. The Emotional Body is often affected by caesarean section, especially if this was unplanned and if there is any trauma and unresolved emotion attached to the outcome. Unfortunately women don’t often feel supported to express their negative emotions if a birth doesn’t go to plan.  Instead they are expected to feel happy that they have a healthy baby and not to dwell on the birth experience. Birth is, however, a major transitional experience in a woman’s life and unresolved birth trauma on any of the Energetic layers should be allowed full expression.

This is usually a one-off treatment and can be performed as early as 8-12 weeks post-natal as well as years after the scar was created. Treatment involves selection of Acupoints to ‘open’ the meridians that are affected, and then shallow insertion of fine needles along the length of the scar. This is a non-painful procedure. Moxibustion will be used, and you will be given a specially formulated Scar Bridging Balm to continue massaging into the scar in the weeks following treatment. As a result of this treatment the scar will be reduced visibly, and there will be a return of sensation and feeling in the regions surrounding the scar.

The session includes plenty of time to talk about your experience and have your feelings validated.  Vibrational Essences may be given to take in the weeks after treatment to further support the emotional release.

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