Today is a blue moon and I want to ask …

When was the last time you howled at the moon?

For me it was a long time ago but I can still remember the call of the wild as I climbed to the top of a tower at the top of a mountain forested by trees. The night was still and clear and against the midnight of the sky was the hugest glowing orb I’ve ever seen. There she was in all her glory, La Luna, filling the night sky with her radiance and her power.

I howled. A little foolishly at first but it felt so good, so liberating and freeing that I let go my inhibitions and my adult self and surrendered to the childish, primal delight of howling at the moon.

The memory still fills me with freedom.

Connecting to your primal self and giving that part of you permission to be expressed in your life is a powerful way to prepare to birth naturally and instinctively.

In fact it could be argued that the ONLY way to birth instinctively, the way Nature intended, is through nurturing your primal instincts. This is because the process of birth is controlled by the oldest and deepest part of your brain, the Primal Brain.

Problem is that, through centuries of domestication, modern women have been taught to disconnect from their primal nature and instead to behave in ways that are befitting of a lady and social norms.

In my studies with Shivam Rachana, author of Lotus Birth and principle of The International College of Spiritual Midwifery, I recall her telling the story of epidurals:

The anaesthetist who invented the epidural was proud to announce that from now on birthing suites shall be filled with the silence of labouring women. He was genuinely pleased that, thanks to the invention of the epidural, women would no longer debase themselves with the animal, primal noises of birth.


My second birth was a liberation of oceanic energy moving through me in the form of deep, guttural vocals that roared my body open and birthed my baby ecstatically into this world.

It’s called the Song of the Cervix. The universal sound made by women in labour. Sound is vibration that releases stuck energy. When the throat opens so does the pelvis.

What happens when you try and contain the oceanic power of woman?

The Throat Chakra allows you to express your truth to the world. Within the silence of every woman who does not speak up for her truth, who smiles in order to keep the peace and who puts everyone else’s needs ahead of her own because thats what she does to please, is a ferocious feline raging
to be heard and acknowledged.

You know its true.

You might not want to own her, those wild parts of your feminine self, but she is there. When you don’t give her expression she lets you know she’s there: in your pre-menstrual irritation and your breast tenderness, your hot flushes and anxiety, in your low thyroid function and your hormonal ups and downs, in your migraines, your neck and shoulder tension and your jaw that clenches in the night.

This is what happens when you try and block the natural expression of who you are. It is like trying to hold back an ocean.

The expression ‘Mother Nature’ reminds us of the correspondence between the feminine and natural processes. Nature belongs to the realm of the wild and untamed. Women’s bodies are governed by natural cycles, akin to the moon and the mystery of life. As a woman, your relationship with your body and her natural rhythms reflects your relationship with your wild feminine self.

When a woman wants to birth naturally she has to engage with her primal instinct. Primal instinct is the voice that comes from within, it is not to be found by listening to others or seeking outside approval.

I hear many women’s birth stories: Baby Number 1 is usually a story of being a good girl – silence and doing what you’re told – it doesn’t usually go so well for mum.

With Baby Number 2 there is more awareness and the confidence to start questioning and to speak up for self – things go better.

By the time Baby Number 3 come along, a birthing woman is ready to growl fiercely at any midwife who wants her to get back on the bed – she’s a force of nature letting them know she will birth her baby anywhere she damn pleases, so back off!

It is the fierceness, the ferocity of the primal woman, who is your greatest ally in birth – and in mothering – but it is this aspect of ourselves that most women are uncomfortable with. She isn’t a good girl. She doesn’t do what she’s told. She’s wild and instinctive, like a tigress she will hiss and snarl at someone she doesn’t like. She is as elemental as the ocean. That is the power of natural processes, of birth and a woman’s body.

Your wild feminine self wants to be your friend. She wants to show you the way to a happier, healthier, more fully expressed vibrant you.

Start with giving her voice. 

Once in a blue moon, howl at the moon…

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