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There’s so much fear and misinformation around feminine wisdom


is the least I can do to help rectify the injustice

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This is the stuff that should be a given. 

Every woman has access to incredible internal resources using her BREATH, SOUND, MOVEMENT and HEART.

Women’s bodies are AMAZING and birth is a woman’s SUPERPOWER.

Learn how to BE IN YOUR BODY because this is where your power is.

Want to learn the secrets to


Let me share my course study notes!

Learn the physiological and psychological benefits of conscious breathing during labor.

Find out why your breath is one of the most powerful tools you can use to maintain focus and calm throughout birth…and life.

Better yet, don’t just read about it! Follow the guided audio and PRACTICE. You’ll feel the benefits immediately.

Oh I love these!


It’s all about getting out of your head and into your body

Natural labour and childbirth is a deeply INSTINCTIVE process. Trying to think your way through it just inhibits the process.

Follow these top 10 tips to practice getting out of your head and into your FEELING & SENSING primal intelligence.

Learn to use USE YOUR SENSES to create the optimum conditions for labour to proceed naturally, efficiently and safely.


Nope that’s not a cliche!

Every day in so many ways women are subtly exposed to the message that their body is the enemy.

It’s so normalised to control the naturalness of women’s bodies that women actually think there’s something wrong with them, rather then seeing it as a cultural issue.

The average woman has a negative thought about her body 50-100 times per day, yet your relationship to your body is INTEGRAL to your birth experience.

Learn why BODY LOVE and SELF ACCEPTANCE is so important when it comes to preparing for an empowered birth.

Imagine if all women felt like a GODDESS during birth

Honestly, this stuff should be free. Remember who you are!


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