What do you hold close? What do you hold dear? What serves you?

And what doesn’t?

And what are the hidden rules you have that might be stopping you from living your best, most authentic life?

Abraham Lincoln said,

‘Being aware of these rules is helping you make change from here on. If you’re confused at this point and feeling your life is a big pile of spaghetti and you’ll never get it sorted out well join the club. You’re human.’

Thanks Abe.

Time than to re-examine those values, the hidden rules you live your life by. After all, you’re not really a big pile of spaghetti are you?

Nope, “I am more, much more..!” Yell it out loud.

You are much, much, much more.

The amazing thing! You made it all up.

Yep, you.

Those rules that drive how you experience your values, you made them up!

I don’t know when. You may or may not but that doesn’t matter. You learned them from someone else or took a heap of stuff you saw, heard and experienced and decided those are your values. And you’ve been living by them, your ‘rules’.


I’m not suggesting for a second that your rules and values aren’t valid. You may not have known where they’d take you, but can you see the way those hidden rules you made up in the past may not serve you now or into the future?

Great news…you’re an adult and you have the choice of how you experience the world.

Make up some new rules if you need them. Tweak some you’re already using. Experience more of the emotions you want and less of those you don’t. How does it all sit with your moral compass? Is North TRUE NORTH…or a little askew? Are you able to hold fast to your beliefs and values?

I’ve learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values and follow my own moral compass, then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own,” Michelle Obama

Thanks Michelle.

So, whose expectations are you living up to?

Your rules, your beliefs, your moral compass, your values. Great stuff, they’re all yours. You hold them internally so YOU choose what emotional path to go down. You. Why don’t you choose to be, say, oooh, Happy 😊

Design your own rules so that happens.

But wait. What’s a value?

Here’s a definition I use in my coaching practice,

Values reveal what a persons priorities are, their ideals, where they spend their time and what they want to achieve.

Imagine that. Or try this.

Let’s determine what drives you, some of your top values. I’ll cheat and give you a handful. The rest is up to you.

My (me being, me) strongest value today is LOVE (but that might change and that’s ok).

Other examples of values that might resonate with you are HAPPINESS, FREEDOM, INTEGRITY, VITALITY, SELF GROWTH and CREATIVITY.

There’s heaps. Let’s see if we can discover some of yours…

I want you to tell me what you find truly important in life. Be elaborate, make it big picture stuff. Do you have a vision board? This can help.

Are you able to list the emotions that you are consistently are motivated by?

That bit was easy huh?

Now reduce your response to the previous questions to one or two word answers. These are your values!

You might choose to combine similar ones or eliminate those that are hanging out around the edges. You might end up with at least ten, maybe more. If so, you might like to prioritise your values, arrange them in order of importance to you. This might be a little more challenging. 

And if you’d like further help, let us know.

Good luck, 



How are you?

I wanted to ask you a favour.

I’d like to ask you to decide if you still want to receive emails from me? And, if not, can you please scroll down to the end of this email and click the Unsubscribe link.

I promise I won’t take it personally and I won’t be offended. I’ll still love you!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE you to stay. You’re important to me! I put a lot of time and thought into writing you these emails, so whilst this call to action may seem counter intuitive there’s a couple of reasons your choice to stay or go matters.

Firstly, life means growth. Things change and maybe what Dragonfly has to offer moving forward doesn’t interest you.

As mentioned in my previous email, I’d Rather Be Whole then Perfect, Ron and I have joined forces to collaborate on some new offerings for 2021. This is because we have complementary skill sets that when joined together create something greater, I like to call it the Alchemy of Yin and Yang. I asked Ron if he’d write something for this email but he wasn’t comfortable with this. He pointed out that you might not like him appearing in your Inbox without consent and he makes a great point.

And that brings me to the second reason.

I believe one of the most important skills needed to meet the challenges coming in 2021 is BOUNDARIES.

So when I ask you to decide whether you want to keep receiving emails from me (and this may include input from Ron’s perspective as a Life Coach) or not, what I’m actually offering is an opportunity to practice asserting your boundaries.

One of the things I believe is really important when working with clients – especially women – is reinforcing the mindset of personal SOVEREIGNTY. What this means is acknowledging you’re the creator of your own reality and not a victim of your own life circumstances. You’re powerful.

Asserting personal boundaries can be particularly scary for women because historically women have not had personal authority or body autonomy. Women were the property of their father or husband. Believe it or not, it wasn’t until 1981 in Australia that rape in marriage became a criminal act! I’m sharing this tidbit of info not to trigger you but to give context as to WHY it can be so hard for women to assert personal boundaries and authority. 1981 was only forty years ago. That’s only 40 years to break free from thousands of years of cultural programming.

And whether we like it or not, this is the same level of consciousness from which the Western medical model – including mainstream birthing practices – has evolved. 

So if you find it hard to say no, to speak up yourself, hate having to assert yourself or rock the boat in order to step into your own sovereign power then there’s good reason for this. If you feel disconnected from your body, fear trusting your intuition, or feel crippled into paralysis at the thought of coming up against conflict it makes sense. Having worked with thousands of women over the years, I assure you you’re not alone.

Now here’s the thing I’d really love you to know about boundaries because it’s a game changer: Your ability to assert healthy boundaries depends on BEING IN YOUR BODY.

This is because in order to have BOUNDARIES you must have a CENTRE, and your centre isn’t found in your head it’s located in your body.

This is where embodiment practices are a game changer. Learning how to get out of your head and into your body connects you to the fullness of your power, your inner authority.

Your ‘centre’ corresponds not only to your personal power and authority, but also your sense of self and self worth, self love and the ability to shine the light of your own radiance out into the world. To be the star you are!

To find your centre you have to claim your land, hence the phrase sovereignty. Your ‘land’ being the energetic space you inhabit: your physical body as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual body, all of which makes up ‘you’.

Part of learning what it means to be sovereign is your willingness to wield the SWORD OF DISCERNMENT when you sense something isn’t energetically aligned with your highest good within your physical and energetic space. This may be internal such as a behaviour pattern, unconscious belief or self sabotaging thoughts, or external influences such as other people, the media, social and cultural messaging, or simply the emails you receive in your Inbox. This also includes awareness of your body autonomy and ability to say no to anything that that feels like a violation to your sacred land.

It’s your land! Your body! Your energetic space.

The only true way to know if something’s right for YOU is by monitoring how you feel in your BODY.

Does it feel good? Does it create feelings of spaciousness? Ease? Flow? Do you know the signals your body sends when something is right for you and when it’s not? Do you find yourself feeling tense? Perhaps a gripping in your stomach or a clenching in your jaw? Do you follow this guidance? Do you ignore it?

Sovereignty is claiming your power to assert your boundaries and taking responsibility for your energetic space. Every time you turn your attention to something it amplifies. You have the power to choose what you want to amplify in your life. Clarity and discernment are key to being a conscious co-creator of your life.

So, please tune in and listen and give yourself full permission to wield the sword. Dragonfly represents a vibrational frequency that may not be a match to you and you may not want to amplify this frequency. That’s ok. Learning how to cut away the old is one of the most powerful ways you create energetic space to let in more of what you do want to amplify in your life.

On the other hand, if you resonate with the Dragonfly frequency then it’s exciting to have you here! This is the place to be if you want to step out of being a passive observer in your own life and into the power of your own sovereignty.

What Ron and I want you to know is we don’t take being invited into your Inbox lightly. We don’t want to sell you stuff you don’t need or trespass on your energetic space without adding value to your life.

Therefore this email includes a couple of gifts for you: Queen Pose Guided Embodiment Practice and You Are A Star Guided Meditation.

One is a little taste of the feminine path to spirituality through embodiment (Earth), the other represents the masculine path to spirituality (Heaven). See if you can feel the difference.

Either practice is great in it’s own right. We personally use these all the time. But if you want to go next level – the Alchemical Union of Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth – set aside an hour and by journeying down and in with Queen/ King Pose (always follow the Yin!) before journeying up and out with You are A Star. Don’t fall asleep!

Remember, the magic doesn’t happen by reading about it. The power is the moment you step in and do the thing. All you need do is click the images and you’ll be directed to a Dropbox account where you can download the files.

We hope you enjoy and would love to hear from your experience.


Peta & Ron


How are you?

I wanted to send out this email as it’s been a busy start to the year and I may not have had the opportunity yet to contact you personally if you responded to my last email and/or are wondering what I’m up to.

So, if you’ve emailed me and are waiting for a reply please know I haven’t forgotten you! Thanks so much for your patience and I will get to you. 

The first important info is that I’ve decided not to return to Bendigo Chinese Medicine in 2021 and will now be offering limited consultations from my home address in Mandurang.

Yep, I’m going to deeply miss the friendships and professional support from the awesome team at Bendigo Chinese Medicine, but 2020 made it clear its time to do things different moving forward and spread my wings and (dragon)fly. Like I said in my last email, Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, if you want to get onboard the energies of the cosmos right now it’s all about embracing change.

Anyhow, this means I’m a little behind as it’s just me doing the admin stuff whilst all this change and creative chaos unfolds. Problem is I can be a perfectionist and that often gets in the way of actually getting things done.

If you know YOU have a perfectionist streak you may want to read on. I’m going to share how perfectionism can not only hold you back, but is often also an underlying cause of physical pain and blockage in your body.


It’s better to be done then perfect

Do you worry about not being good enough or what other people may think of you?Perfectionism is a mask my Ego wears to hide insecurity. Am I good enough? What will others think of me? What if I make a mistake? And so, rather then letting myself be seen in my humanity and risk being judged, everything has to be perfect.

In the past I’ve been a bed-made-to-perfection colour-inside-the-lines kind of person. In the past perfectionism has held me back from fulfilling my potential. If it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t done.

You probably don’t know this about me because I hide it well. That’s the point. The real me who is vulnerable and imperfect, hides beneath the mask.

I’m sharing this because it’s not just me who wears the mask of perfection. You may identify. Perfectionism is a super common form of self protection, especially in women – great in theory but in practice can lead to feelings of isolation and separation because no-one ever gets to see the real you, and can lead to crippling procrastination and self sabotage.

The underlying wound behind the mask of perfection is fear of not being loved if you reveal your authentic self, with all your imperfections and vulnerabilities. In other words, if you let yourself be seen for who you fully are, warts and all, you’ll somehow be rejected from Love. So you learn to hide your perceived shortcomings behind the mask and only let the world see those aspects of yourself that are ‘perfect’.

But to be human is to be WHOLE.

So if you’re trying to be perfect all you’re actually doing is using an enormous amount of your life-force energy holding yourself back. Not only is this exhausting, its a form of constraint that creates pressure in your system leading to all sorts of problems.

In clinic what this commonly looks like is:

Headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ issues, teeth grinding, breast tenderness, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, pre-menstrual tension, period pain, menstrual irregularity, fertility issues, digestive problems, abdominal pain and bloating, gas and irritable bowel syndrome.

Any of this sound familiar?

So what can you do about it?

Well, a good place to start is to give yourself full permission to be perfectly imperfect. 

The truth is you’re a divinely human marriage of darkness (yin) and light (yang) that makes up the whole. What’s more, it’s all (w)holy and worthy of Love, not just the light but also the dark. That’s a challenging concept for those of us who’ve grown up within the culture of Western and Christian consciousness that separates the world into good and evil.

Yet, from a (w)holistic health perspective, it’s those aspects of self that you’ve most learnt to hide that actually hold your greatest potential for healing. This is because if you’re not consciously allowing the expression of this energy in ways that are constructive, it inverts and acts out in your external world  in ways that are destructive.

This is a bit like a 3-year old wanting to get your attention, the more you ignore these rejected aspects of self the louder they get. The thing is they’re not acting out to make life harder for you but to offer you a pathway to healing by learning how to love ALL OF YOU back to wholeness.

Over the past year we’ve got use to wearing a physical mask in public but truth is we’ve been long conditioned to putting on an invisible mask every time we go out into the world or interact with other people.

It’s likely you’ve compared yourself to others before and and thought there has to be something wrong with you because everyone else looks so perfect compared to you.

But it’s not real. All you’re seeing is the mask. Underneath, I assure you is all the same shadowy stuff that you’ve got going on too.


I love my shadow as I love my light

I share all this with you to give you a sense of how true healing requires a holistic approach: Mind, Body & Spirit.I believe the most powerful level of healing happens through a shift in consciousness. It’s these Aha! moments of profound awakening that act as the catalyst for change and transformation, like a key unlocking a door.

This is where Ron and I can help.

Through a collaboration of Ron’s training in Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis and my training in Esoteric Acupuncture, Spiritual Midwifery, Sacred Female Yoga (Embodiment) and vibrational healing technologies such as sound healing, chakra alignment, essences, crystal grids and anointing oils together we’ve come up with an offering to encompass a whole Mind, Body & Spirit approach.

What I love about this is you truly get to see how you are the creator of your reality, and if you want to change your reality it’s up to YOU to change. That’s powerful!

Want to know more?

Just reply to this email and I’ll be in touch with more details about this new offering for personal transformation and healing.



2020 is almost over and, if you’re anything like most, I bet you can’t wait to give it the flick and get on with starting afresh, maybe even get back to some kind of normal.

But what if there is no going back?

If you find yourself exhausted from having barely survived 2020, I wanted to share with you the BIG PICTURE VIEW to give you some insight as to why this year’s been such a doozy and better yet, what you might expect moving forward so hopefully you can thrive rather then survive in 2021.

Plus, at the end of this email I’ll touch on a super exciting collaboration that Ron and I have put together as a direct result of seeing people struggle throughout 2020 and feeling called to join forces to make a difference.

Together we’ve created an offering that’s all about waking up to your power as the conscious creator of your reality, supporting REAL personal transformation so you no longer feel a victim in any area of your life that feels out of your control or not how you want it to be.

But first, lets get back to the big picture view of 2020 and by big picture I’m talking COSMOS.

So, whether you’ve been aware of it or not, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented planetary craziness with truly rare stuff happening up there in the heavens and coinciding with equal planetary craziness down here on earth. But, crucially, these powerful cosmic shifts have all led to one thing – and this is a drum roll moment – the end of the 2000-year Piscean era and the birth of the Age of Aquarius.

Yay! Ta da! Those sixties hippies were the trailer to the movie that just got started with the recent Great Conjunction occurring at the Solstice. In case you missed it, this is a rare event where Jupiter and Saturn come so close together they appear to be one giant star in the heavens, believed to be the same planetary alignment as the Christmas Star or Star of Bethlehem.

With that occurring at 0 degrees Aquarius, as of the 21st December 2020 humanity officially entered the GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS and the next 2000-year cycle. 


What this means is if you’ve been waiting for things to get back to ‘normal’ you risk missing the golden opportunity that awaits, for what used to work in the Piscean Age (pre-2020) is no longer going to serve you moving forward in the Age of Aquarius. The old ways of being, thinking, acting and responding to life are going to get less and less comfortable because these vibrational frequencies are no longer supported by the Cosmos.

This is why 2020 has been associated with so much death, destruction and loss because the old must be shed to make way for the new. This is Wisdom, the face of the Mysterious Feminine and within her great cycle of life every birth is also an ending.

Now when birth happens on a cosmic scale these endings can feel cataclysmic. Hello 2020. Ultimately, Western humanity fears what it can’t control and this fear is a lot of what’s been driving the external craziness of 2020 and – heads up – will continue to do so over the next few years as more of the old structures are dismantled that are no longer sustainable under the new vibrational frequencies of the Aquarian Age.

But of course, you don’t have to fear because you can see the big picture view and that gives you choice. And choice is your power.

So, you can try and hold on to the old, resist change and stay fighting the momentum of the Cosmos doing things the way you’ve always done them, stuck in old habits and patterns of thoughts and behavior that feel safe because they’re familiar but really aren’t helping you get anywhere,


You can change.

You can grow.

You can jump on the cosmic bandwagon and let the powerful momentum of this time carry you to your unfulfilled potential, letting this be YOUR opportunity for profound personal transformation and release everything that’s been holding you back so that you finally get to live the life of your dreams.

This is what’s on offer. All that Aquarius asks of you is to expand your consciousness to new levels of awareness and possibility for yourself and humanity.

And this is where Ron and I can help. 

Through a collaboration of Ron’s training in Life Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis and my training in Esoteric Acupuncture, Spiritual Midwifery, Sacred Female Yoga and vibrational healing technologies such as sound healing, chakra alignment, essences, crystal grids and anointing oils together we create a potent alchemical container to hold space for your personal transformation.

Whilst I might talk about this container as specific to aligning with the frequencies of the New Age of Aquarius, Ron would say something far more practical like it’s about clearing unconscious beliefs that aren’t working for you in order to live your best life.

Either way, what I want you to know is what you’ve been waiting for is no longer some unobtainable dream in the far off future. It’s here NOW ready to flower open.

Best of all, it can be easy.

All you need do is step into the space and be willing to let go in order to receive. So, what’s holding you back?

Want to know more?

I’ll be sharing more details over the coming weeks to help you get a clearer sense how this kind of work might provide solutions some of the specific issues you might have, but if you already know you’d like to be held in powerful container for transformation just reply to this email. You’ll also be first to be offered the opportunity to take advantage of the stellar special introductory rate.

Until next time, wishing you a very Happy New Year.



Did you know there are three special times in a woman’s life that Chinese Medicine refers to as the 3 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES?

I LOVE the language of Chinese Medicine with it’s rich heritage in Taoist Inner Alchemy. It’s so beautiful because it’s a way of speaking about your body that builds a bridge between the physical and spiritual.

It’s a language that serves to help you REMEMBER yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience, and then offers keys to unlocking the secrets of living your most radiant and fulfilled life.

How powerful is that for a model of health care?!

These keys are scattered everywhere throughout the poetry of Chinese Medicine language but – as is the way of spiritual wisdom – the key won’t open the lock until you’re ready to receive. The conditions must be right.

Then when those doors open it’s a moment of profound transformation, an AHA! moment when ever-so-briefly the veil parts and just for that moment you glimpse something that changes you in a way that is profoundly healing, bringing you closer to the essential truth of your own divinity.

This moment of transformation is the GOLD of Taoist Inner Alchemy.




So how is this relevant to you?

Well, according to the poetry of Chinese Medicine there are ‘3 Golden Opportunities’ in a woman’s life: MENSTRUATION, POSTPARTUM & MENOPAUSE.

These life phases are considered GOLDEN because each marks the beginning of a new cycle and the potential to seed an overall improvement in your health and wellbeing moving forward if approached correctly.

In other words these life phases represent LIFE GATEWAYS and the gold you receive is an UPGRADE to your physical and spiritual wellbeing as you enter the next life cycle.

Now, on the other hand – and this is so relevant for modern women – each of these life phases have the potential to diminish your overall health and wellbeing when not approached correctly.

I’m going to put it to you that the vast majority of modern women are NOT receiving the gold that’s theirs to receive during menstruation, postpartum and menopause.

In fact, the vast majority of women experience these three pivotal life phases that are uniquely feminine as points of pain (lead), not power (gold).

After all, how often have you heard menstruation, postpartum or menopause discussed as an opportunity to enhance your state of being?




So why is that and how do you receive YOUR gold?

Well, Aha! What I’ve come to realise and what I’d love to share with you today is that each of these 3 Golden Opportunities correspond to the absolute YIN PHASE of a life cycle. Yin of yin.

To receive the GOLDEN ELIXIR OF FEMININE VITALITY is all about following the yin.

In other words, consciously utilising these LIFE GATEWAYS as opportunities to deeply cultivate your connection with YIN whilst the universal energies are most conducive to yin processes.

That means holding yin as sacred, valuing the gifts of yin.

Yin’s gifts are found in the slowing down and the retreat, in the silence and reflection, in the dark places and the Mystery, in the depth of your body and in your womb, in the Blood and the Essence and in the absolute stillness…the YIN of YIN.

It’s in these moments of stillness, inner reflection and quiet you enter the receptive mode. The conditions are right, the key opens the gate. Yin offers up her nectar, you receive what is rightfully yours, the sweet, honey dew of your Essence.

Physically, this means deep cellular renewal and rejuvenation.

Spiritually, this means alignment and enlightenment.

This is why the ancients referred to yin as the Golden Elixir of Life and pathway to immortality. Sure, you may not reach immortality but radiance, vitality and fulfilment of destiny are nice side effects along the path!


And here’s one more point to ponder…

Each of the 3 Golden Opportunities – menstruation, postpartum & menopause – are unique because these are the only times when the gateway to the womb is naturally open.

And if there’s one thing that epitomises the very essence of the mysteries of yin and the power of the feminine, it would be the WOMB!

So, can you join the dots? Are keys being revealed to you?

What would our world look like if every woman CLAIMED YIN as SACRED and utilised these 3 Golden Opportunities as a time to dive deep into the well of yin’s embrace and received her gold?

In such a world, would hysterectomy and caesarean remain the most commonly performed surgery as they are today?

A conversation for another day…x Peta