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From 34 weeks

Easy Birthing Preparation is a beautifully relaxing treatment designed to encourage the body to start softening and opening as a pre birth preparation aid.

This is a blissful, nurturing treatment that provides a wonderful sense of relief from the heaviness and discomfort of late stage pregnancy.

It’s also an opportunity to encourage you to ‘shift gears’ and start preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically for the arrival of your baby.


Treatment consists of Moxibustion* to warm and relax the sacral region followed by smooth and rhythmical massage of the entire lower back, sacrum and buttocks using Acupressure Points to encourage the release of any tension in the area and help the entire pelvic region to relax.

Acupressure stimulation of nerves in the sacral area have a direct effect on the uterine muscles, and this technique also benefits by opening the pelvis and allowing your baby to move into an optimum position.

Finally, the treatment may include Acupuncture to 3 or 4 acupoints chosen to assist with the relaxation of ligaments and tendons, nourish blood and energy levels, and promote emotional calm, as well as address any specific issues you may have.

*Moxibustion is a technique that uses the herb Mugwort to apply warmth to the body.

A minimum three (3) treatments are recommended, fortnightly, from 34 weeks.