The Secret to Easy Birthing

Lose the fear and learn how to ENJOY it!

Are you scared or anxious about giving birth?

Would you like greater confidence and trust in your body and your ability to birth naturally?

Would you like to strengthen your connection to your intuition?

Would you like the knowledge and the understanding of birth to avoid unnecessary interventions?

Would you love to know how to ENJOY childbirth?

Great news! Giving birth doesn’t have to be an ordeal

(It’s not meant to be!)

Breathe | Believe | Birth with Ease

Is the online birth preparation course that will leave you feeling CALM, FOCUSED and IN CONTROL of your birthing experience.


Learn to do it together…

Would your partner like to learn practical skills to support you to feel calm & relaxed during labour?

Would they like greater understanding of birth to know how to best keep you and your baby safe? 

Would they like to learn more about the unique role they can play in positively benefiting birth because of the love you share?

Would they like to know how to be a powerful source of strength and encouragement in the moments you need it most? 

Would they love to know how to ENJOY childbirth?

Breathe | Believe | Birth with Ease


Upon completion of this six-week program you’ll have developed the skills to:

  • Use deep relaxation and breathing techniques to remain blissfully calm and focused throughout your birth experience
  • Release fear and negative beliefs that may limit you from trusting your body’s instinctive ability to birth with ease
  • Strengthen connection to your heart helping you to trust your powerful intuition and avoid fear-based decision making
  • Bring more relaxation, love and pleasure into your life and expand your oxytocin prowess – optimising the hormone essential for birth to progress easily, efficiently and safely
  • Know exactly what you need to feel safe, supported and empowered in birth and how to have those needs met in any environment
  • Enjoy an awesome birth!

Using these techniques was key with birthing my baby girl. I wanted to avoid another caesarean and through my sessions my confidence in my body grew and I felt empowered to speak up at my doctor appointments to talk about the birth I wanted. These techniques gave me the strength and tools to believe in myself and help me feel confident, safe and relaxed to achieve this birth. – Brianna, VBAC

After the birth of my first son I would describe labor as the hardest thing I’ve ever done – 16 hour labor of which 12 hours were spent in hospital with the use of gas followed by one hour of pushing. While I felt great afterwards and proud of my efforts I was a little scarred. When I became pregnant the second time I was motivated to have a birth with minimal intervention and no pain relief. I had anxiety about experiencing labor again, especially as my due date got closer and closer.

My husband and I decided that we would enrol in the course to help me feel more confident going into it and to ‘take the edge off’.

Well, what can I say….. I had a completely different birth. Yes, I had a ‘pain free’ birth. That’s not to say it wasn’t intense however using the techniques I was able to surrender to each ‘rush’ and trust and believe in my body to do its job. To emphasise the contrast in my labours, I didn’t make it to hospital and ended up birthing my baby in our ensuite after only two and a half hours of labour and a minute of pushing.

When people hear how my second son entered the world they often comment that it must have been traumatic. To be honest, it all happened so quickly, so naturally, so easy and so beautifully that it wasn’t traumatic at all and described by my husband and I as the best experience of our lives. I feel that I had the best experience and not to mention a happy, healthy, content baby at the end of it. My hope now is that every mother experiences such an amazing, pain free birth. – Samara & Leigh

What is Breathe | Believe | Birth with Ease?

It’s a six-week online course designed to transform your beliefs about birth from fear and self-doubt into a deep-rooted sense of your own feminine power.

Delivered on a week-by-week basis the course teaches you how to develop the inner resources and self-belief to experience natural, pain-free, drug-free childbirth and avoid unnecessary intervention.

Combining the holistic heart-centred approach of Eastern traditions with the logic and reasoning of Western scientific evidence, the course provides you with the information you need to understand the truth of your body’s ability to birth – naturally, easily and ecstatically – and to dispel the culture of misinformation that leads to birthing in fear and pain.

Wellness not illness. Love not fear. Pleasure not pain. You get to choose.

  • Six Weekly Modules of video based learning in bite-size chunks

  • Downloadable Guided Audio meditations & breathing exercises

  • Downloadable Self Reflection Handouts & Actionable pdfs to integrate the course material

  • Weekly LIVE calls Q & A calls (and surprise guests!)

  • Weekly emails to keep you focused and on track

  • Access to Facebook Group for additional support and accountability

  • BONUS: Downloadable Anna Urbanski Birth Bliss Birth Hypnosis CD

  • BONUS: Downloadable Postnatal Wellness eBook

Ben and I wanted to let you know that our daughter – Cora – arrived on Monday.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear I had a long pre labour at home for 24 hours which ramped up on Monday morning (Tess had wanted a long pre labour). We just made it to the hospital in time. I wasn’t sure whether to go in yet because was coping ok but started to feel like pushing – Ben didn’t believe me that it was happening because I was ‘so calm’. Less than 20 mins at hospital and Cora was born.

Ben wanted to let you know that he was very good at doing nothing.

Thank you so much for your amazing help and course. I can’t believe how amazing I felt after birth and I keep reliving it in my mind because I am so proud of myself and amazed by the whole experience. We think we will use a lot of these tools in life going forward. – Tess & Ben

The course is delivered in the following modules:


The Neuroscience of Birth:

Understand the role of your brain & birthing hormones in natural, normal physiological childbirth – get this and you know WHY birth is designed to be ecstatic

Breathing Techniques:

Learn simple but effective breathing techniques and discover the powerful effect breathing has on the mind & body in labour

Stress versus Relaxation:

Discover why it’s crucial to reset the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response and restore the adrenals during pregnancy in preparation for birth


The Power of the Mind:

Discover how thought creates reality and how to use focus to train your mental muscle to consciously create the reality you desire

Beliefs about Birth:

Understand the Fear = Tension = Pain Theory and the role social, cultural & inherited beliefs have on determining whether your birth experience will be positive or negative – and what you can do about it

States of Consciousness:

Learn how to use mind training techniques such as birth hypnosis to reprogram your fears and limiting beliefs about birth


The Magnetics of Feelings:

Understand the role of your emotions during pregnancy and birth & why caring how you feel should be the heart of the matter

The Limbic System:

Discover the scientific link between mind & body and how to develop your neural (brain) pathways evolution from pain to pleasure

Letting Go of Fears & Limiting Beliefs:

Learn why fear is an essential part of growth and how to use affirmations & EFT to support you as you let go of the old and move into the new


The Oxytocin Blueprint:

Discover the true capability of your woman’s body and how Nature has imprinted pleasure as the neural pathway for easy and ecstatic birth

Loose your Mind & come to your Senses:

Explore how sensation is the language of the body and how to tune into your primal body wisdom in order to let your body instinct lead the way

Embodying your Inner Wisdom:

Learn body language secrets to bring your full presence to your body in order to project confidence and personal power ensuring respect for your wishes


The Art of Letting Go:

Understand resistance to growth at the final hour and how to create positive anchors to support your focus and self belief in case of moments of crisis in confidence

Dancing with the Unexpected:

Explore what you can do if things don’t go to plan and how to remain calm and connected to your heart in unexpected circumstances

Softening & Opening:

Learn visualisation and self massage techniques to consciously prepare your body for easy birthing


Bringing it all together:

Your body knows how to birth and here we bring together all you have learnt in the past few weeks

Preparing for the Baby Moon:

An introduction to the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of the ‘Golden Month’, the unique changes that take place in Mind and Body during the six-week postpartum and how to best support yourself at this time for long term wellbeing

Enjoy Birth!

That’s all that’s left to do! x



Yay! Everybody loves a bonus!

Birth Bliss by Anna Urbanski

To support your journey you’ll receive BONUS downloadable Birth Bliss CD of six sublime audio tracks recorded by Anna Urbanski (Opening to Life) containing deep guided hypnotic relaxations for pregnancy, labour, mothering and everyday life.

Blueprint to Post Natal Wellness eBook

To support you after the baby arrives you’ll receive a BONUS downloadable eBook ‘The Postnatal Wellness Blueprint’ full of simple and effective self-help tips and Traditional Chinese Medicine remedies to promote recovery and wellbeing after giving birth.

Topics include: Self Care ~ Mother Warming ~ Perineum Support ~ Caesarean Section ~ Breastfeeding  ~ Emotional WellbeingDiet Therapy 

Let me tell you about myself…

Hello, I’m Peta.

If you’re in any way feeling anxious or afraid about giving birth then I’m glad you found me.

I’ve spent the last twenty years studying normal, natural physiological childbirth and what I know to be true is that birth is a woman’s super power. Despite this, everything that our mainstream culture does instils deep fear and mistrust in birth and in women’s bodies. Women birth in pain and fear unnecessarily. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. You have choice. You ALWAYS have choice.

I’m a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I specialise in pregnancy, birth and postnatal wellbeing. I’m a Doula and an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner. As a Birth Mindset Mentor I’ve studied various techniques from birth hypnosis to creative visualisation; Law of Attraction to EFT (tapping). I’ve maintained a regular yoga practice for twenty years and I’m an Advocate of the Desilets Method – qi gong and jade egg exercises for women. These practices have been pivotal in the embodied relationship with feminine wisdom that I bring to my offerings. 


“There’s a HUGE absence when it comes to antenatal care and education in supporting women to simply trust themselves, their body and the intelligence of Nature’s ecstatic design. Pregnancy and birth are not an illness but a normal, healthy state of being woman. 

My deepest hope is to inspire a wellness mindset to set the balance right, not to tell you what you should do but to offer you freedom of choice. There are truths about your body, your feminine power and your innate wisdom that you might not have been taught.

A wellness mindset allows you to move forward with love, confidence and trust” – Peta  

What if you chose wellness not illness, LOVE NOT FEAR, pleasure not pain?




6 week LIVE online course starts

APRIL 2ND 2017




I know how powerful it is to say yes to choosing to trust yourself.

I know the techniques in this program work and I know you’ll discover truths about birth, your body and your power as a woman that will completely transform your beliefs about birth from fear to faith.

I want you to feel good about saying yes because I believe the only way to change the face of birth is to encourage women to step into their power and this starts with awareness that birth matters. Your experience matters. I want you to feel good about this investment in yourself and your future and that’s why I happily offer a money back guarantee.

If, after 14 days of trialling the course for whatever reason you feel it’s not for you, I’ll give you a complete refund.

No questions asked, nothing but love. 

I’m so grateful I can say my family and I had a positive birthing experience. During early pregnancy I was fearful that being a midwife myself, and birthing at my workplace, would interfere with being able to let go and allow my body to labour and birth. I was also concerned about my husband’s limited knowledge about birth and that he didn’t have techniques to support me during late pregnancy, labour and birth.

The techniques allowed me to relax, have confidence and work with my baby – reminding me each birth is unique; allowing me to block out any negative external influences (media, passing comments, negative birthing stories) and fears. I also gained the best birthing partner in my husband as he came to understand the magic of birth and was able to support me the way I needed.

I only have happy memories about my birthing experience. I truly believe that the techniques learnt also aided in a smooth postnatal period. Understanding how to relax in periods of stress, trusting my body and baby allowed a sense of calm during this major life event. – Caitlin & Jarrod

A great birth, an ecstatic birth, is the gift of a lifetime


Is this course suitable for couples? Can my partner do the course too?

Yes, the course is designed for zero to full partner participation.

It’s a great idea for your partner to do the course as it will teach your partner to not fear birth, to also feel calm and relaxed at birth and that’s how they can support you best. There are many reasons why your partner can be a powerful benefit during birth, but also some reasons why they can negatively impact your birth experience – this is covered in the course and what you can do to ensure their presence is positive.

Whilst your partner can go through the whole course with you (awesome!), there are certain sections that are key for support people to know and for convenience have been included in the special section Essentials for Partners. 

Shouldn’t I know this stuff? Why do I need to do a course?

Yes! You do know this stuff! You have a deep and intuitive knowledge of birth – your body knows how to birth in the same way she knows how to breathe. The issue is that as humanity has evolved we’ve learnt to override the impulses of the body in favour of the intellect, viewing the Mind as superior to the Body. As a result, we’ve learnt to mistrust the body and to disconnect from the body wisdom.

Think of how a young child lives fully in their body – they dance and move and stomp and act on their body impulses. Then society puts that child into a classroom for 6-8 hours day, 5 days week and tells the child to sit still. If the child can’t sit still, we label them ‘naughty’ ‘disruptive’ and even medicate them. In order to survive, the child learns to disconnect from their natural body impulses and experience life primarily in their head. If you’ve been through the school system – this is you!

The thing is, birth is a primal bodily function – trying to birth using the ‘civilised’ thinking parts of the brain is impossible. If you want to birth the way Nature intended you need to reconnect to the impulses of the body and become familiar with the parts of the brain that socially and culturally you may have been taught to reject. This course is designed to help you do that.

PLUS there is a lot of misinformation out there about birth! There are two assumptions about birth that almost women have internalised – that birth is inherently dangerous and birth is painful. This is not truth. This course contains absolute leading-edge information that will revolutionise how you think about birth and your body.  

Does the course include advice on medical interventions?

No, the course is designed to teach you about normal, natural physiological childbirth and how to develop and trust your birthing intuition and body wisdom. The premise of the program is that your body was built to birth and that pregnancy and birth are normal healthy states of womanhood.

It does not include content of a medical nature. Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites. Wellness is not obtained by studying and thinking about illness, just like a pleasurable birth is not obtained by studying and thinking about pain. Choosing to focus on a medical model of antenatal care is by default choosing to focus on an assumption that birth is not safe and women’s bodies are ‘broken’. What you choose to focus on dictates your reality. 

I invite you to do your research about medical interventions so you fully understand the implications of your choices but the purpose of this program is to help you move away from an illness mindset to a wellness mindset and trust birth.

Talking about birth really scares me. Aren’t I best to just go with it?

Yep, I get this. Taking a ‘wait and see’ approach was my first birth experience. I thought I was in control going with the flow but really, I was practicing avoidance. I didn’t want to know and my birth reflected this fear.

It takes a lot of energy to hold on to fear. It takes a lot less energy to choose to do something about your fear and release yourself from fears hold. Fear tends to create the illusion that it’s safer to stay as you are then it is to change – that’s not true, it’s just it’s the only reality you’ve known.

You can prepare yourself for a great birth and you can expect to birth with love and not fear. It’s not just something that happens to other women. It can and should be your experience. It’s your, and your baby’s, birthright. Don’t settle for anything less.


I can’t afford this right now because I’m having a baby. Should I join?

The thing is, women have big blocks and fears around money in the same way they have big blocks and fears around birth. I say this with love – money is not the obstacle, your mindset is.

When you make something a priority the money is always there. Imagine if women applied the same money mindset to their birth preparation as their wedding day. Both are days you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and yet the average amount of time, planning and money invested into those days is vastly different and is a reflection of the different belief systems women apply to their approach to a wedding as opposed to birth.

Sure, a wedding is an important day but your birth experience is integral on so many levels to who you are as a woman: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually as well as impacting your relationship with your baby and with your partner and inspiring your confidence as a mother. Birth matters – the  impact of birth on a woman’s life is profound and far reaching. 

Helping women achieve a great birth and helping a women overcome their money blocks go hand in hand – both require shifting deeply embedded beliefs of lack of feminine self worth to bring greater power and freedom from fear to your life. 

Will it still work if I do an online course?

Yes, you can learn this online. In order to create this course I enrolled in a six week online course specifically to discover if an online forum would work. I loved the idea of the convenience of a home study course but I wasn’t sure if I would stick to it or if it would be as powerful as attending group classes.

That course was the Jade Egg Mastery course and it was such a powerful learning tool for me that I am now an Advocate. Since then I’ve taken many online courses to gain personal experience in what elements are essential to get the best out of a course. For example, a key element is accountability – having other people support your journey so that you finish the course and that’s where a Facebook Group is awesome.

On the other hand, an online course allows you to study at your own pace and in the privacy of your home which provides flexibility. Ultimately, it’s about your choice to play an active role in your birth journey – you have to make time for yourself whether you learn online or go to classes.

Six weeks seems a long time, can I do a shorter version of the course?

The course is designed to go over six weeks for a reason. Six weeks is just over 40 days, which is the length of time it takes to create the deep vibrational shifts needed to integrate and maintain new learning and a new way of being. This course will revolutionise what you know about your body and birth and may require you to change some of your deep subconscious belief systems and patterns in order to birth your bliss. Transformation is a process – it takes time but it’s worth it. The good news is that the ‘work’ or study involved is learning to bring more pleasure and relaxation to your life.

How does the online course work?

As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll receive a downloadable pdf with a Welcome Letter for the online program and an invitation to join the Facebook Group. You’ll receive an email 1-2 weeks before the course commences with your log in details to the Membership Site – which includes your Birth Bliss CD and instructions to get you started.

You’ll then receive one Module per week for six weeks for the duration of the course. Each Module contains audios and bite-size videos that you can watch at your convenience, or download to your computer, and they’re yours to keep forever. You’ll receive downloadable Self Reflection Handouts and Action Sheet pdfs to help integrate the course content as well as tips to help you get the most from the course.

Because this is a self-study course, you can go through the content at your own pace, but you’ll also get an email from me each week for six weeks to keep you motivated and on track and access to the private Facebook Group where I’ll be available to answer questions related to the program, and there are live calls scheduled for each of the six weeks where you can speak to me directly.

What if I want to upgrade?

The course is designed to support you to create deep transformation in your beliefs about birth, choosing love instead of fear, and if you stick to the program and follow through with the exercises you will get the result you desire.

For some women, you’re going to want to journey deeper into this material or you’re going to want additional, personalised attention and accountability. A Platinum Package is available that allows you to work with me at the highest level including one-on-one private sessions. It’s a powerful thing to say yes to committing to yourself at this level and is a BIG step toward saying Yes! to your inner birthing goddess and your relationship to yourself as a woman.

If you’d love to experience the Platinum Package as a Wellness Model of Antenatal care contact