How trauma affects the Heart & Shen (spirit)

From this perspective, the current culture of segregation may be perceived as trauma to the Shen. To be faced with discrimination, division and other control measures goes against the Heart and the core of our humanity. The flame the resides at the centre of your Heart seeks connection, much like the way people come together around a campfire. The Heart is strengthened through connections to others, strengthening the field of love which is the glue that holds it all together. Without love, the Shen fly home to the stars and eventually the flame of the will to live dies out.

What does it mean to ‘follow the yin’?

It doesn't matter whether its the small things at the individual level, such as filling your body with junk food or neglecting your body's need for rest or exercise OR if it's on a global scale such as modifying crops or altering genetics or even changing the weather patterns. There's ALWAYS a price to pay. This is simply Natural Law. Nature will always seek to restore balance because it's the perfection of Nature's Design that holds the whole thing together. Yes, humanity has free will but just because we can doesn't mean we should. The capacity to know the difference is called WISDOM.

Why anger is your pathway to passion & creativity

Anger is then used to 'blow off steam' and to attack which may provide a false sense of feeling powerful (and temporarily relieve the frustration), but actually stems from underlying feelings of vulnerability and powerless-ness. If any of this sounds familiar, the thing to understand about your Liver Qi is that this energy is meant to provide you with the MOTIVE FORCE to create the change you want to see in the world. So it's learning how to harness this motive force and use it to affect positive change.

What’s the panicdemic got to do with birth?

There are so many parallels that can be drawn between our birthing culture and the spiralling cascade of interventions that we've all experienced as part of the panicdemic these past 18+ months. It's time to question our mainstream medical culture that OBJECTIFIES the body and focuses on 'saving lives' without recognition for the WHOLE of what it means to be human. Its time mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing be given equal consideration, if not priority.


2020 is almost over and, if you’re anything like most, I bet you can’t wait to give it the flick and get on with starting afresh, maybe even get back to some kind of normal. But what if there is no going back? If you find yourself…