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Lets talk about after the baby arrives… The first 40 days is the GOLDEN MONTH This is such an important topic! There’s so much I’d love to share here that I know will be of benefit to you which is why I’m writing a book on the topic! According to Chinese Medicine the first 4-6 weeks after […]

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Breathe through your naval

I’ve been thinking about my placenta. I’ve never thought about my placenta before. It’s funny, even though I offer placenta encapsulation for postnatal clients to consume, I’ve never actually considered that I once had a placenta or that it was once attached to me and…what happened to it? This sudden sensing my placenta flows on from […]

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It’s ok to say no

Most women think that they have to do what their doctor or midwife is suggesting, even when it doesn’t feel right to them. But the truth is, when it comes to your body it’s your right – and your responsibility – to be sovereign. That means expecting to have your boundaries respected, and if something […]

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Your body is your temple

Ever heard the expression, ‘your body is your temple’?   I didn’t really get this concept until the last couple of years when I started female yoga & qi gong practices that helped me connect to my body in a way I hadn’t before. Up until then I’d spent most of my life living in […]

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What does it mean to surrender?

So, how do these words make you feel..? Surrender. Let go. Allow. The reason I ask is that these words are often used to describe what a woman needs to hear or move toward during birth, and yet it can be hard to comprehend exactly what that means until you’ve actually been there. What does […]


Why a Doula is a Rolls Royce of birth support

Imagine what it would feel like to give birth feeling supported, informed and involved in all your choices? What difference do you think it would make if your birth support team helped you believe in yourself? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Birth is a normal, everyday physiological event that your […]

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Are you a powerful birthing goddess?

Do you remember a few months back when I shared how I’d benefitted from discovering the work of Australian Money Mindset Mentor and author of Get Rich Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas? At the time I said, lots of women have big blocks and fears around money in the same way they have big blocks and fears around […]

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Please, rethink the ‘dating’ scan…

Ultrasound in pregnancy has become such a routine procedure that you may not even have thought to question this medical intervention. After all, it’s an exciting part of early pregnancy, almost a right of passage and the first way that many couples now announce their pregnancy – with that little black and white photo on Facebook. […]


Could you be unsuitable to birth in hospital?

A recent United Kingdom National Health report advised that 45% of women in the UK were unsuitable to give birth in hospital. I love this! Imagine if you found out you were pregnant and, rather then automatically opting in to the standard medical model of care for your pregnancy and birth, your first thought was […]