Discover the Empress’s secrets to radiant health & vitality!

Do you feel burnt out, stretched to the max or overwhelmed with all you have to do?

Maybe you feel disconnected from your inner knowing?

Or out of control & at the mercy of your hormones?

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re somehow failing at life because you’re exhausted all the time, or because the shifts in your hormones turn you into a crazy woman once a month. 

But the good news is you don’t have to settle for this.

Nature’s Wisdom is a blueprint that shows you how to live ‘well’ by aligning yourself with the rhythm of nature.

Your body is designed to follow this wisdom. When you make simple changes to adapt your life to move with the ebb and flow of your innate cyclical rhythm, you discover the secret to living a life of ease. You learn to sync with your cyclical nature and use the shifts in your hormones to your advantage. It’s like a road map to your most fulfilled life, showing you the way!

The benefits?

More energy, hormonal balance, peaceful periods, enhanced fertility, better emotional regulation and less stress.

You can have a whole new understanding on how to enjoy the life experiences unique to being a woman, such as the possibility of a pleasurable childbirth and how to thrive as a new mama, or know how to tap into the power of peri-menopause, and stay feeling juicy, sexy & attractive during menopause.

And best of all…loads more self-love and body confidence!

The secret to all this is to FOLLOW THE YIN!

As it turns out WISDOM is a goddess 😉


An Empress is a woman who sits on her throne and claims her body and her life-force as her sovereign land.

She’s usually depicted within a garden, surrounded by Beauty & Abundance in recognition that hers is the generative power of Nature’s Wisdom.

She embodies the archetypal energies of life-giver, creator, the source from which all life springs.

Let the Empress share her wisdom and teach you her secrets of creation, vitality, youthfulness, abundance & beauty.

    Hello, I’m Peta

    I love offering a premium service that allows us to work more exclusively to achieve your goals. True healing and transformation requires commitment – as much as you may want to change, there’s always those parts of you that would rather maintain the status quo! I’m here to help you stay-the-course to get the results you desire.

    My background in Chinese Medicine and specialising in pregnancy and birth gives me unique insight into what it takes to make this journey. The process of birthing the new you version 2.0 (or whatever) involves the same journey women take through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is the Heroine’s journey. If you feel like nothing worked for you in the past, this is the missing piece of the puzzle.

    • Lengthier sessions that allow time to dive deeper into solutions
    • Ongoing follow-up support and contact via email or messages 
    • Packages tailored to support commitment and accountability to achieve your goals
    • Exclusive access to a wealth on online resources via membership portal on website 

    With over 20 years immersed in women’s bodies and women’s wisdom, my focus is on helping you listen to your own body wisdom and make simple lifestyle changes to reconnect with your feminine energy for greater health, wellbeing and fulfilment.

    Ready to get started? Book a 1:1 Consultation OR you can learn more ABOUT ME here.

    Not sure if this is right for you?

    It’s as important to me as it is to you that working together is a good fit. Feel free to book a complimentary DISCOVERY CALL to chat and see if what I offer is right for you.


    Ready to awaken the Empress within?

    The Art of Embodied Leadership

    EMPRESS SECRETS & ART OF EMBODIED LEADERSHIP is designed to show you how to transform your relationship with your body as the secret to tapping into your full potential. Your body is encoded with wisdom – the same creative power of Mother Nature. Empress Secrets shows you how to adapt your life to flow with this wisdom for more energy, creativity, self-expression and healing.

    It’s a 12 week transformational program with 6 months mentoring that invites you to embody a style of ‘leadership’ that actually feels good as a woman because you get to play to your strengths, rather than suppress so much of who you are trying to do things according to the dominant masculine approach.

    The result is like turning on the tap to enhanced self love and confidence, inner alignment, optimal vitality, full creative expression and radiant attraction.

    Yin is the ELIXIR OF LIFE, the whole world benefits from a juicy, turned on woman!

    • Womanly Wisdom & 5 Element Theory 
    • Radical Body Love 
    • Flowing with your Womb – harnessing the power of your cycle
    • Trusting your feelings and body intelligence rather then being ‘in your head’
    • Inner Alchemy of Inner Work for lasting transformation & manifestation mastery
    • The Art of Jade Egg, Breast Care & Massage, Womb Steaming & Pelvic Floor Power 
    • Secrets to Female Sexuality & Sensuality 

    The course includes: 1 Day Live Retreat, 6 Modules to Embodied Leadership based on 5 Element Theory, Body Love Journal, 30+ Video & Audio Recordings, Empress Embodiment & Yoga Practices, 6 + 3 One-on-One Mentoring Sessions incorporating Feminine & Masculine Approaches to healing, 6 x Group Coaching Calls plus 3 x additional Accountability Sessions 

    6 month transformational program (next round starts Feb/March 2023)


    Women’s Wellness Consultations


    CONSULTATION Initial $180/ Subsequent $150 (75 min) or Short $100 (45min)

    One of my favourite expressions of Eastern Wisdom is 1 PART TREATMENT : 8 PART LIFESTYLE. What this means is there’s so much you can do to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through changes to your lifestyle – in fact 80% of health comes from lifestyle. Consultations are based on diagnosis of your unique situation, treatment may include CHINESE HERBALISM and then focus on lifestyle changes you can make to achieve your goals. Suggestions include: 

    • Chinese Herbal Medicine*
    • Self Acupoint Therapy
    • Diet Therapy
    • Sacred Female Yoga & Jade Egg Practices
    • Personal Energy Management – for self mastery
    • Breath Work
    • Meditations & Guided Visualisations
    • Menstrual Cycle Awareness
    • Sexual/Sensual Rejuvenation & Vitality
    • Pelvic Floor Exercises

    “A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself” – Unknown

    *Herbs are supplied separately and cost an approximately $30 – $50 including postage. 


    CONSULTATION Initial $180/ Subsequent $150 (75 min) or Short $100 (45min)

    The simplest explanation of how ACUPUNCTURE works is that promotes the free-flow of Qi (energy) and when everything is flowing you feel good. Health is defined as a state of free-flow, whereas disease originates in blockage to the free-flow of Qi. Acupuncture is amazing for modern living where everyday stress is a major cause of tension and blockage to free-flow. Tension impacts your nervous system, effecting your endocrine (hormonal) system and potentially negatively effecting your entire system: mood, weight, sleep cycles, menstrual cycle etc. Acupuncture benefits by down-regulating your nervous system, and you should always feel lighter and more relaxed after a session.

    • Menstrual cycle irregularities
    • Period pain or heavy periods
    • Pre-menstrual tension
    • Breast health
    • Natural Fertility
    • Hormonal balance
    • Peri-menopausal & Menopausal symptoms
    • Emotional wellbeing 
    • Digestive health
    • Immune system support


    CONSULTATION Initial $180/ Subsequent $150 (75 min) or Short $100 (45min)

    • Support early pregnancy
    • Morning sickness
    • Physical discomfort: lower back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, rib pain
    • Mental & emotional wellbeing
    • Optimal foetal positioning
    • Prepare for labor from 34 weeks
    • Easy Birthing Preparation
    • Postnatal Support* – increased energy, anaemia & excessive blood loss, emotional balance, sleep issues, milk supply, mastitis, pelvic floor health.

    * ONLINE CONSULTATIONS and the prescription of HERBAL MEDICINE are recommended for the first 6 weeks after birth. Herbs are posted to you and cost approximately $30 – $50 per week.


    Embodied Birth Preparation


    COURSE: Course $995 (4-6 private sessions) 

    Would you like to know how to lose the fear and ENJOY childbirth?

    Private 1:1 Birth Classes for couples allow you the flexibility to adapt the course content to meet your individual needs. This isn’t a one size fits all approach! Every woman, every couple and every birth is UNIQUE. The course is based on BIRTH HYPNOSIS but aims is to discover what works best for YOU, what brings out the best in your birth support person AND plays to your strengths as a couple. Birth Hypnosis is only a piece of the puzzle.
    The best birth preparation is all about LOVE, and everyone has a different love language. After 25 years exploring natural childbirth and female sexuality, there’s a heap of other birth support options I can share: such as MASSAGE & ACUBIRTH techniques, ECSTATIC BIRTH preparation or EMBODIED YOGA practices that show you how to flow with the sensations of birth using your breath, sound or movement. – Private classes offer the ability to fine tune based on your unique needs.
    Great birth preparation is about so much more than how you’ll ‘cope with labour’. The best birth preparation offers you an opportunity to get to know yourself! And to know and understand your body better. And empowers you to discover the inner skills and resources that keep you feeling connected to your Heart during times of change and challenge.
    So great birth preparation isn’t just for birth, but also sets you up with the life skills for being a new parent, helping you meet the change and challenges of life with a new baby with calm, confidence, and self-trust.
    It’s an amazing journey and deserves a personalised approach.


    COURSE: Course $350 (6 group classes)

    Would you like to know how to ENJOY childbirth?

    Embodied Birth Preparation is a revolutionary dive into the true potential of your body and birth that will blow your mind! Which is kind of the point as birth is something you do in your body, not your head! Backed by leading-edge scientific and spiritual understanding of female physiology, you’ll learn embodiment exercises, tools and practices to embrace the intensity of birth and open your body for an ecstatic and potentially orgasmic experience.

    Ultimately birth is about YOU and your relationship to YOUR body and feminine wisdom. Birth isn’t passive, its something you get to engage in as an extension of your feminine sexual-spiritual creative power. Preparing for pleasurable childbirth offers you an extraordinary life-changing opportunity to learn more about being a woman and your relationship to your body, your pelvis and your sexuality. Learn to unleash the power of your Shakti!


    Empress Yoga Classes


    MONDAYS 10:30 – 11:30am @ BARRE SOCIETY
    Come join me Monday mornings for a fun class of super-charged but simple ENERGY EXERCISES female health and vitality. 
    • Build leg strength to ground excess energy for greater calm, inner connection & emotional stability
    • Draw on the power available from below to rejuvenate your Kidney-adrenals and provide nervous system support
    • Release energy blockages and bring more fluidity of movement to your spine and pelvis to create greater greater free flow in mind & body
    • Circulate energy through your female energy centres to revitalise your hormonal health & wellbeing
    • Rest and receive the benefits of the energy you’ve cultivated through the practice
    • Have fun!
    Suitable for women of all levels of fitness*, age, body shapes and sizes – this class is an invitation to set aside time to be with YOUR body and internal energy and your uniqueness is fully welcome and supported.



    Rejuvenate is a spacious Empress Yoga class involving a gentle sequence of floor practices to awaken sensual flow using movement that is spiralling, rhythmic and fluid and very beneficial to female health and vitality. The emphasis is on a slowed down approach to benefit your Kidney-adrenals and replenish the yin-watery energies to rejuvenate your entire endocrine and nervous system. This offers a beautiful opportunity to shift gears and float into your weekend, relaxed and renewed.

    Suitable for women of all levels of fitness, age, body shapes and sizes – this class is an invitation to set aside 90 minutes to be with YOUR body and internal energy and your uniqueness is fully welcome and supported.

    Let me tell you a little more about myself…

    I’m a Women’s Health specialist and fully qualified unregistered practitioner of Acupuncture & Herbalism, having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) at RMIT University in Bundoora as well as my Clinical Internship at Nanjing University of Traditional Medicine in Nanjing, China in 2009.

    I’ve trained as a Doula (non-medical birth support person), Birth Hypnosis & Mindset Mentor and an Ecstatic Birth Practitioner and truly love sharing with women and couples how to enjoy childbirth. I’m a SFY Embodiment Teacher (Empress Yoga) and Advocate of the Desilets Method of Jade Egg Mastery, sharing practices for female sexual & reproductive health which are woven into all my courses, consultations and mentoring programs.

    I’m a passionate advocate for women’s bodies and women’s wisdom. For well over two decades I’ve immersed myself in understanding the true power of the Sacred Feminine through studies in Eastern Wisdom, Women’s Mysteries, Inner Alchemy, Spiritual Midwifery, Ecstatic Birth, Birth Mindset Mentoring (hypnosis) and normal, natural physiological childbirth. This has led me to a path of EMBODIMENT -healing the disconnect between Mind & Body in order to experience more aliveness.

    I run a 6-month mentoring program Empress Secrets & Art of Embodied Womanly Leadership for women who desire a life that feels good in a woman’s body, breaking free of patriarchal programming that only leads to burn out. There is another way! Empress Secrets shows women how to celebrate their body, and how to flow with their hormones and cyclical nature for enhanced body love & self-confidence, inner alignment, vitality, creative expression, natural beauty and radiance. 

    Want to know more? Contact me or book in for a 1:1 Consultation.

    x Peta